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  1. Wow I guess they just can't get it quite right. In the FAQ they explicitly added "Hallowed Stormthrone" to the Primary List of terrain you can use. What is a Hallowed Stormthrone?? The store page for the Enduring Stormvault mentions you can use 2 of the kids to make the Hallowed Stormthrone, but as far as I can tell GW has never provided instructions or illustrations for making such a piece. Since Sigmarite Dais and "Hallowed Stormthrone" both count as 3 picks, and just 1 enduring stormvault kit is much larger than a Sigmarite Dais, I am going to assume that "Hallowed Stormthrone" is an error and it should be "Enduring Stormvault". There's no reason Enduring Stormvault should be excluded from the list. Can't wait for the next FAQ to clarify this!
  2. Your list doesn't make nearly as much sense as the original The other list was making greater daemons all the same price, rounding up weird uneven prices to $5 usd increments, bumping up some older kits to be more comparable to modern kits (people perceive things as not being as good if the price is too low.... ), etc. While the price increases sucked, all the ones on the original list pretty much made sense to me. I personally am making my decisions/purchases on the first list
  3. well it turned out pretty good i think. If you guys don't get a tome soon can always convert your army to fyreslayers =)
  4. Interesting thing about sylvaneth. It was ready months ago? still not here.. but chaos knights is a hardback battletome also from China. They are releasing it in 2 weeks. Still no sylvaneth.... Seems fishy.
  5. Bro did you read the comments literally right above yours?
  6. The video they released states: "When one country and another country has a bilateral shipping arrangement, and one of these countries can, with very little notice, delays the import of goods" So it has nothing to do with America (the flow of goods from China to America has not stopped, or slowed, at any point), and I suspect they would not delay the release for any country other than UK or USA (too small of their global market). It also doesn't sound like the shipment went overboard. Their explanation points to one country preventing imports (maybe they mispoke and meant exports) to/from another country. If that was true, even for a specific class of goods, It would be public knowledge, something that someone here knew about. It sounds to me like GW's explanation was not really accurate then, since no one knows of such a thing.
  7. so it has been about 7 weeks since they told us the Sylvaneth stuff had been held up "for a while". I can't find any new articles or information about delayed imports from China to UK. Maybe because I am in the US. But if there is an actual issue between the two countries, we should be able to verify / see the status of that outside of what GW tells us correct? Obviously we can't track the containers carrying the battletomes, but at least we should be able to find out "was this really a thing? Is it still going on? What else is affected?" Just seems a bit odd...
  8. each model piling in can move in any direction so long as it takes it closer to the nearest enemy model. It does not have to move directly towards that model, so long as it ends up closer to that model then when it started. Doesn't matter if the enemy unit was already in combat or not. Pretty much the only time a model can not move during pile in is when it is completely surrounded, or it is touching 2 enemy model bases.
  9. As has already been mentioned a couple of times in recent pages, GHB is paperback and made in the UK. Battletomes, endless spells, and terrain, are all made in China.
  10. I don't think that the store owner is joking, but they do not have access to this kind of information and are usually speculating and often confused. Honestly I think the people in this thread have a better since of what is going on than most store managers. Idoneth was the FOURTH tome designed with 2.0 in mind. They are very unlikely to be updated anytime in the near future.
  11. Thanks so much! Beautifully painted miniatures, BTW.
  12. Hey guys. I have (what I think is) an excellent idea of using a Flamespyre Phoenix miniature for a custom counts-as-Magmadroth with a Runeson rider. I came here since you guys are probably the experts on Phoenix's. I figure one of you may even have a Magmadroth laying around. Does this seem like a feasible conversion? I could probably put him on there bareback, or use part/all of the chimney saddle but i think perhaps that is too large to look right on the bird. I have never seen the bird in person so any suggestions/ideas appreciated. thanks!
  13. There are point values in the magazine. I am not sure if that makes it legal. They are not called "pitched battle profile"
  14. it's quite easy to read if you click to zoom in. Maybe not on a cellphone, but on a PC you can see it.
  15. They renamed the existing app. It seems almost identical, with new paints added. For the contrast model guides it seems they just did a 1:1 translation from citadel base paints to contrast paints, and then no one bothered to check to see if it made sense: Vulkite Berzerker: Paint the skin: Guilliman Flesh Paint the copper: Fyreslayer Flesh Funny / Lazy.
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