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  1. Um.. "loss leader" implies a loss. You are suggesting that the box of plastic sprues and paper that was the kill team starter costs more to produce than the GW wholesale price? Sorry, no. Lower margins for sure, but not a loss. Beyond that, most of the kill team branded products were small unit kits bundled with a little terrain at a pretty high price. Not "Mangler Squig" margins (1 sprue for 80 usd...) But still pretty good.
  2. In newer battletomes, it is stated in the allegiance ability rules that describe how to set up your terrain. From the Skaventide tome:
  3. Let's review the facts: 1. Kill team was super successful. e.g. it made them a lot of money. They are a public company that must focus on making money. 2. People have been asking for AoS kill team for a year 3. The box set, which I think is what the leaked picture from the 'eavy metal seminar was, contains a cardboard mat the same size as kill team, about as much terrain as kill team, and a couple of warbands. Even if the picture does not represent the exact contents of the starter set, I suspect it is close. 4. The adepticon preview, available on the community site, states: And even shows the symbols for the factions. 9 non-chaos factions at launch covers a lot, but the wording suggests it will expand. So, based on all that it seems, to me, that Warcry is in fact "AoS Kill Team".
  4. Sorry, Darkoath is not new if half of their range is Slaves to Darkness / Everchosen. I am also in the boat of "Darkoath is not happening" , in the sense that I think that Warcry/Underworlds warband makes up the bulk of any new miniatures to the Slaves to Darkness, and we know from Underworlds that these little warbands do not translate well to AoS (though I'm sure they'll have warscrolls, you won't want an army of them). Maybe there will be a battletome+spells+terrain release that includes STD + everchosen + warcry. Maybe they will call it Darkoath ( I suspect not) but it's not a new army.
  5. These predictions of which armies per grand alliance are forgetting this tidbit from the Las Vegas Open studio preview: At least 1 brand new army, It could be interpreted as multiple, but let's say it's just 1. I would call deathrattle or soulblight a "classic army updated for the new edition", as even though they don't currently have a battletome, they have a keyword, and in 1 case, a start collecting box. Certainly not "New" So I expect at least a new Teclis faction or a brand new Death faction by the end of the year.
  6. They worded this article very poorly. From the WHF liveblog: New mercenary companies allow you to add a selection of narrative-led, thematic units to your army. Perhaps you’ll employ the Maneaters of the Gutstuffers, or a Gargant from the notorious Grugg Brothers. Also worth nothing they say "Mercenary Companies" is from the Generals Handbook 2019, not Forbidden power. So either they got one of the articles wrong (I suspect Forbidden Power is wrong) or Forbidden power somehow expands upon "Mercenary Companies" as found in GHB19. Also I doubt FEC is selling poorly now that it's one of the strongest armies.
  7. They already said that it would be (in the warhammer community article), but it's not going to be competitive (same reason GA armies aren't usually that competitive, lack of synergy) There are two kinds of GW box sets: One kind is the the starter box variety (Soul Wars, Shadowspear, Dark Imperium) that is all brand new, easy to build, monopose stuff The other is the "we need to clear out our warehouse so we throw a bunch of old kits in this box and added 2 new models" kind. (Blightwar, Carrion Empire, Looncurse). I don't think there is really a fixed frequency for either, I think GW is just really working with a super tight production schedule and trying to fit things in where they can. With warcry coming out I don't expect a new "starter box" though
  8. I feel bad for people that still think STD is coming. I gave up on that after warcry.
  9. Meh beyond my wildest expectations. I expected at least 1 new battletome revealed. Instead not even 1 new AoS model revealed. Pretty much it was "Hey guys a new GHB is coming, can you believe it?!" Why yes, yes we can...
  10. Kind of derailing and clogging up the thread, but Summer starts on the solstice, which is in 42 days. The more you know...
  11. Have you ever tried to move a 40 block through wildwoods, or worse, pile in with a 40 block on something in wildwoods, with the trees in place? It is infuriating and makes no sense. and probably a large part of the redesign. We play "respect the circles", you can not move across the circles where the trees go. so the difference is when you're moving a very tall model, but it's likely that it wouldn't fit through the circles anyway.
  12. They can't produce an infinitely large range of products. It doesn't make sense to keep 2 different sets of woods in production when you're struggling to keep so many things in stock already. Even if you prefer the old woods, they are painful to play with, most people just removed the trees and played with the bases. The foliage was always falling off, etc. They needed to replace it if it since it was such an important part of the army. Similar to how the old mangler squig wasn't that old, but had a lot of problems (melting over, breaking, etc)
  13. He means base as in a flat round or oval uniform base that all endless spells have. Scenery, on the other hand, including citadel woods and all of the new faction specific pieces, does not have such a base. Which makes it unlikely but not impossible that the tree in the photo is a piece of scenery I do not think they will isolate Sylvaneth players who have bought and painted citadel woods. They may come up with a new model that's less annoying to play with but you can probably still use the ones you have.
  14. You are not getting it... Sure the digital sculptors can make more models. Can always hire more sculptors too. Sure can write rules too. But playable unit models, ALL playable unit models, are produced by GW directly. They will not sacrifice the quality by outsourcing it. That is a line they have drawn. And each one of those takes some production capacity. And they simply do not have the capacity, and can not instantly create more capacity. It's entirely possible the Molten Infernoth was designed to be a unit, but GW decided to make it an endless spell because they do not have bandwidth for it as a new unit, but can outsource all the endless spells they need to. This is why most armies are only getting endless spells and terrain this year, even if the designers could have made new models for these factions(maybe they already have!) The ops team can not produce them.
  15. The "skin" that goes around the tip of the mushroom looks very unnatural, and if the squig is jumping up, why is it's foot impaled on a mushroom? It would have looked more natural if it was simply brushing against the side of a mushroom without going into the skin. Looking at all of the recent "in the air" models, this is one of the worst in terms of implementation. That said, The angle from the ground is not the angle most people will see when this thing is on the table top, and most likely the other leg will obstruct this view when you look at it from any higher angle. If you don't like it, it should be easy to chop off and reattach as you see fit
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