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  1. Dominion still trying to find a floor at least here in the US. On ebay it's down to $135 and not selling quickly at that price(12 were listed a few days ago, only a few sold). My FLGS has them scattered all over the store, maybe 20 copies. As someone who enjoys finding deals on ebay and occasionally splitting up lots to fund my hobby, I can't even justify $135. I fee llike it will take years for this glut to dry up if ever.
  2. edit: I'm dumb. i was complaining about how monopose the boyz were, but they literally copied and pasted the same group of 10 twice in their image. hopefully there is customization but I'm worried its the slave to darkness treatment.
  3. Almost always when they tell you something will come in a month, its the end of the month. Especially if your in the camp that we're waiting on the app. If these apps are being worked on by the same people, and WH+ was just launched this week.. no way they finish up the AoS+ app just 1-2 weeks later, I'm sure they fixing any issues with WH+ first.
  4. Oh you want them to admit the reason they're delaying the battletome for weeks is for the new app tie-in for digital rules that is so poorly received by the community? Yeah, I'm sure they're working on that statement right now....
  5. thats the thing though. Warscrolls are "Free". they come in the box, and if you pull up a web browser, go to games-workshop.com, type to search for a model, click the "rules tab", download a pdf, sure, it's free. You want to look up your opponents units in real time while playing in a tournament? Quickly? You want the app. They're probably gonna paywall it. Why not? I can see that WH+ is not for everyone. And i can also see people mad about X. But at the end of the day, you get the 40k app, the AoS app, the shows, the model, the whatever. It's probably worth $5 a month to most people in the hobby, whether they want to admit it or not.
  6. >>Chaos space marines got the Thousand Sons and Death Guard updates They are seperate books. that's like saying "Slaves to darkness got Putrid Blightkings"... no, they didn't... One reason to not put the new chaos warrior sculpt in a box is that it's monopose dudes with no weapon options and no command models besides leader. It would be a big dumbing down of their warscroll.
  7. and the solution was to take them out of the start collecting box(surely the biggest mover of models), and put new sculpts in its place?? I suspect that was not it. I have a feeling there was a pivot at some point surrounding slaves to darkness / chaos / warcry / covid that makes the current situation feel weird.
  8. It is due to the simplistic way in which matched play points work in AoS. In 40k, you can have a "tactical marine squad", but it has a billion options and you pay points for those options. In AoS, they can do three things: 1. Model has different build options so different rules, but they function the same, or close enough the same that they can have the same point cost. 2. Model variant's rules are different enough that they must cost different point values for balance. So they have different warscrolls 3. All of the customization is purely aesthetic, no rules difference. If you've got an army with over 70 models, #2 does not make sense. If you have an army with only 10 kits, #2 makes a lot of sense to create diversity in its rules without having to release new models.
  9. Unless the mods start ruthlessly deleting every post on here about news and not rumors, I think this other thread just is gonna be a pain in the ass and fragment the discussion. Personally at this phase in my life/hobby I really come to this forum to read one thread, I don't really want to have to look at two threads especially if its the same people making the same comments in two places.
  10. Warclans is a racial soup book (all Orruks) Mawtribes is a racial soup book (all Ogors) Skaven is a racial soup book (all Skaven) Cities of sigmar has many races, and none of those races are solely in that tome (Dwarves have two other tomes, Elves have Several, Humans are in most of the Chaos tomes). Hence it's not a racial soup book, in the same way. CoS makes sense because it represents the composition of a city in the lore. It's a "soup" book, but I hope you can see the difference literally
  11. Everyone complaining is calling Kruelboyz an "Army", when GW has never pitched them as such. Its a new range of models for Orruks. To people who like small, thematic, visually consistent armies: Have them! No one is stopping you, they even give you rules for it! Having the rulebooks souped does not detract from what you want to do with your own army, model wise. Rules wise, you probably benefit from soup as GW obviously had the idea to have many factions at the start of AoS and then realized they could not keep the game balanced and keep that many books up to date.
  12. Right its not like they've done any faction consolidation over the last few years... They can barely put out battletomes fast enough as is. And it's not like each person buys each battletome, so your math is a bit flawed.
  13. Perhaps that's why it is not its own faction. I get that it the other troops have a different aesthetic. I mean I am going pure Kruelboyz myself, but you do have to be reasonable in how many new kits you expect them to put out! From a Warclans perspective, they got what they needed. There was already plenty of dudes on foot. There's already 2 calvary units. They needed support models, wizards, ranged, artillery, monsters.
  14. Rumors could be leaks out of the design studio, where who knows how many minis have already been designed. The Best way to predict what GW will do is look at the recent examples. they always have a formula, and it evolves but you can get a good idea looking at the last two "completely new range" releases... Battle Sisters and Lumineth. Both had an initial wave, and then a second wave some months or even a year later (and in both cases a new Book, right after the previous one...). To some extent i would say Slaneesh was similar, two waves and two books in less than two years. Based on the pictures they showed, the fact that they're digging into battletomes, and this comment from the warcom team, Hopefully we're all on the same page now that this was the extent of the SCE/KB releases (for this battletome)
  15. Meaning what they had on hand? I hope they aren't implying cursed city was 4x total order of Blackstone You just can't convince me that there wasn't some logistical issue here. Blackstone fortress was a hit. It also came out 2 years ago and the core game is still in stock. Either they did multiple runs, or made a TON. It's so popular, the expansions (which were single runs), are selling for up to TEN TIMES their value on ebay (seriously, $15 packs of cards sell for $150). Given all that, you tell me they made a bunch of Cursed City, sold all of it in a day, and then never spoke about it again? They didn't plan any expansions (which would have already been printed, you would think)? $200 USD for a few sprues and some paper goods and they're not gonna make anymore? (but they are still fine selling 8 sprues of Ork Stompa for $100). (Also, why make more Blackstone and not more Cursed City? Same cost and MSRP $50 less... ) Obviously they can't lie on their financial disclosures, but they are not giving the full story.
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