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  1. Not so sure. I like that they made the new sculpts for the start collecting box but it was not a clear indication that its part of a larger release. The existing kits are a bit old, but at least plastic. Half of skaven is still metal. Plus skaven is a lot more popular thematically than STD. With all the warcry stuff the unaffiliated Chaos stuff is just in a weird spot.
  2. Tzeentch was 4 years ago right? 2015 - Khorne Mortals 2016 - Tzeench Mortals 2017 - Nurgle Mortals 2020 - Slaneesh Mortals Tzeentch also had the silver tower minis which I feel like a lot of those wound up in circulation. All the Chaos gods now have modern mortals, I personally think they'll focus on other stuff except for maybe an odd hero here and there, and won't revisit these for 5+ years. Skaven is definitely the next Chaos thing to get updated.
  3. Surprised such a small/weak release after months of no releases. Was hoping they already had some stuff in the channels and could double up on some releases
  4. It is super easy for them to change the point values and warscroll of the bonegrinder to make sense. I bet 300-400 points is about right for the new model.
  5. Don't forget price creep. Katakros is pretty small, only 1 sprue (which includes a base) and is $110 which I believe makes him the most expensive piece of plastic in the range (not counting little character sprues) I would be very suprised if this was less than $150. I only hope that they designed this with the ability to intermix with future sprues/kits. a whole army of the same pose is not fun. (yes they bend at the elbow and twist a little at the waist maybe)
  6. Okay, first of all, I agree that this preview was amazing. I have never played bloodbowl but now I have to get the halfling and snotling team and build a field and everything just to display. The 40k Minis are great, The primaris spindle drones are... expected, and the 40k minis are awesome. And I agree that the giant kit is awesome but... What is everyone talking about?? I think you guys are being fooled by the ol' rotate the model 30 degrees trick. There is only 1 set of legs, and the pose is fixed. The shin bit is built in, all 3 models have the same thing just paint
  7. I really wish they told us BEFORE this preview that they had decided to split the adepticon previews into even more pieces and that today's preview would only get us about halfway through the planned adepticon previews. Was kind of lame to get the news after excitedly waiting for what we were told was going to be the "biggest Warhammer preview ever" that "we'll be back in 2 weeks with the rest!"
  8. Yes, I think Zombies will go away with LoN. Skeletons I could see as being put into a new Vampire / Necromancer faction just because so many more people have those minis, but maybe they won't be a "main"/advertised unit in that faction, or maybe they'll get a new aosified kit. >>There’s just so many miniatures right now linked to this uneasy balance... Honestly not that many good/modern ones. I know it hurts to hear that if it's the stuff in your collection, but they can't support an infinitely growing model range, as new stuff comes, old stuff must go. Look to Aelves / Free Cit
  9. Chaos is in a relatively good spot. Everyone has a home. Skaven needs new models pretty badly and so do a few other armies, But there aren't really any factions out there in the lore that aren't represented in the game and there are no models really homeless, and there are no big soupy tomes like LoN or Freecities. Death on the other hand, you can really easily see what they are doing. They threw everything (besides FEC) into LoN. Then they did Nighthaunt, pulling out anything relevant. Then they did Bonereapers, again pulling out anything relevant. Now there's only a few good plastic k
  10. Thats the imperial knight model, and it was very very successful. Started out as just a 1 kit army. That same kit was the foundation for 2 other kit variants for 7 different units..then they added a smaller model (which we already have with the current gargant!) And eventually added 2 more new kits (with a common sprue). The tricky thing is that those are robots.. it's fairly easy to pose them in a lot of different ways. For an organic crearure, how do you enable different poses without a lot of wasted bits? GW has already moved almost completely away from posability with most of the
  11. annnnnd Amazon is now sold out of plastic Dinosaurs for reasons that few understand.
  12. Not really a good time for Nurgle jokes bro!
  13. 2" helps a ton. Why dont you just put in some work.. put some models on the table and give us some numbers
  14. It completely depends on how much you value your time, and how you plan to sell the models. You can expect that the ebay value of all these models will go down due to other people parting out boxes. For example, today 3x terradon riders are $51 USD on ebay, but I expect that will go down to like $30 over time. Ebay/Paypal take ~13%, shipping costs ~$4 if you're thrifty and ship in an envelope. The hero will be sold off by anyone that gets more than 1 box, or anyone that already had that hero when they bought the box. 12 skinks is not worth your time. You're talking $14.88 retail w
  15. You're limited when the model must be ETB and all models must fit on 2 hero sized sprues.
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