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  1. god hopefully its a bit more interesting then that, or what was the point of this exercise of making a whole new army. (you've just re-done wfb high aelves)
  2. I try to understand GW's business model and look for patterns in their releases. There are a lot of similarities between all their boxset releases in terms of timing, sprue count, format, etc. and I was thinking.... What if, instead of a Looncurse style box set, we get a Shadowspear style (ETB box set)? To clarify, let me distinguish between the 2 types of big boxes GW is releasing right now: 1. Starter Sets - All new sculpts, easy to build. Dark Imperium, Soul Wars, Shadowspear, Deathwatch Overkill, 2. "Battle boxes" - Whatever you want to call them. 2 armies, mostly old kits, with 1 new hero thrown in on each side (Carrion Empire, Looncurse, Wake the Dead) That is to say, instead of a bunch of old plastic kits, new, monopose, starter set style kits. Reasons: We think the new death army will be a big release with at least several new models/kits. They are not going to sell brand new models at a discount (I was suprised when Looncurse came out only 4 months after gloomspite released.) If the box contains more new models than just a hero or two, it will be quite a while before we set it. They're not going to promote it with a big box of old junk (skeletons and ogors are ok but not amazing kits. And the ogors take a lot of sprue space There was a (very sketchy) rumour that ogors are getting a new Butcher as well. Makes sense since the current butcher situation is a mess (2 models, different rules, both resin) Looncurse/Carrion Empire / etc style boxes typically have 1 new hero per side and then a bunch of old stuff. With a all new ETB release they can put more heroes in (shadowspear had 4 total heroes, all on their own sprues) AoS has not had any of these "mid edition" ETB boxes yet. What happens in AoS / 40k from a productization stand point is likely to happen in the other. GW loves ETB. More models on a sprue, Great to get new people into the hobby. Make great sculpts with less work. If this isn't the ETB box set, expect one soon (before AoS 3.0) So what do you guys think. 100% we are getting a "Shadowspear" style box Ogors vs Death... right??
  3. If they provide a roadmap, everyone would just wait and they wouldn't sell many minis. It would be unfortunate if Yhetees and Cats warscrolls are omitted from the book, but I think it's likely. But really, your old army got squatted and so you spent $500 on really old, terrible resin sculpts assuming the models would just get refreshed? It's not like they are super iconic units or anything. Hopefully you understood that risk when you bought them... That said, even if they are dropped from the book, they should be in the GHB for a bit still. Also, you can always play them in non-matched play! (Since you went for a full Yhetee / Cat army, for one of the most underpowered factions, i assume you probably don't care much about matched play anyway)
  4. Ogor range will be in a great spot with Bulls - basic infantry Grots (if kept) -horde unit Ironguts - elites Leadbelchers - ranged Mournfang - Calvary Scraplauncher/ironblaster artillery Beastriders - 2 beasts, tons of options 4 mounted heroes 2 heroes on foot(at least one new sculpt) Most of this are pretty good kits...all you really need are good rules. So what are you on about?
  5. We don't expect any new kits. It's just going to be whatever they already have. I don't think GW is intentionally focusing on Daemons, except that Daemons work in 40k and AoS so they are more profitable in that sense.
  6. Maybe some of this stuff was given Merc rules BECAUSE they knew it was getting squatted. Kind of a consolation prize... The models you have will never be in a proper battletome, and we have pretty restrictive allies rules, but here, have some rules to play them as mercs in your supported army. Or (more nefariously): "we need to clear out some of these resin kits before people find out they aren't going to be in a book" No reason it couldn't be both.
  7. works for me, it's from /tg/, so take with a big grain of salt, but it is not too outlandish: Gutbusters+BCR 1 faction all resin dropped new Butcher + Tyrant models Butcher with cauldron gone. Cauldron is now terrain piece. Endless spells are big mouth in ground, everwinter thing, floating piece of meat release late october w/ new death New skeletons, some horse archers, some ogre skeletons Tzeentch final chaos tome for the year
  8. They explicitly called out "Grundstock Gunhauler" and we know of course Stormcast will be eligible. Based on Firestorm and the free cities there, I think it's safe to say that Fyreslayers, KO, Stormcast, potentially all order factions minus Seraphon and maybe Idoneth, will be able to be played with this book. So I don't think it's worthwhile to speculate who will "make it into the book", either you're in or your legends, basically. I suspect anyone belonging to an army with an existing battletome will not have their warscroll printed in this book (they are free anyway, or just buy the other books) despite being able to be a part of some city.
  9. looks great... deserves a little more work on the base than the "stuck some cork on the base" (some texture on top of the cork would do wonders)
  10. I mean, this version of AoS is centered around the Soul Wars. pretty central to the Soul wars is Slaneesh, and the siphoning of Aelf souls by Tyrion, Teclics, Malerion and Morathi. We have already gotten Khinerai, Melusai, and Idoneth Deepkin out of this. The Idoneth were an early attempt with flaws. Presumably they kept trying and successfully created new aelves from this that are something different. In the recent Realmslayer audio drama, Gotrek sees a "Priestess robed in White and blue with a tall miter and crescent moon staff bedecked with symbols of Hysh" and says "I think I've just discovered what's gone wrong in this world" The battlesmith with him says "I don't understand... it's just a priestess of Teclis" Gotrek is familiar with Teclis, and the aelves of the old world, so there are for sure some Hysh aelves in the mortal realms that are somehow different. That's obviously just one mention, and they are mentioned else where. Will they get an army in AoS? Probably. Soon? Who knows. My point is, You compared them to dwarves. Dwarves are not currently central to the storyline in AoS. The Soul Wars are, and the pulling of Souls from Slaneesh is a major story point. It's not going to be surprising if more comes from that.
  11. Feel like it's important to not get everyones hopes up. There is no confirmation that this is part of the wanderers, or that wanderers will be a part of whatever this is. (or that this warband will even lead to anything in AoS)
  12. ....Literally aelves Zarbag's gitz are moonclan. All of the unit types in that warband already existed. Moonclan already existed. Gloomspite was a new book that incorporated Moonclan. Not really sure why you are comparing the two... Who knows if this new warband will even lead to a full faction. Could be something new they are trying (It is after all the first example of a warband that doesn't exactly belong to an existing army)
  13. passed on down from... the space lizards? did any humans survive from the world that ways to tell these tales?
  14. sorry I missed it! you are right. So really it's just the fanatic. Still think a box of grots will give you more options and is almost the same price as Zarbag's gitz.
  15. hmm.. Zarbags Gitz: Zarbag - A wizard... um i guess you can count as the moonclan Boss Herder - Fits Squigs - Fit Netter - Fits 3 Shootas - Do not fit. Awkward to play as stabbas or splittas, very confusing for your opponent because they have a bow Fanatic - Does not fit. If I were interested in playing GSG in Warcry and did not already have any grots, I would probably skip Zarbags Gitz, and instead pick up 1 box of Hoppers and 1 box of grots. This lets you play 8 of the 11 warscrolls WYSIWYG, and you have 30 models. You can probably dump half the models on ebay as "Warcry Warband" and get half your money back. (after fees and shipping even)
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