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  1. OK, so it looks like Carrion Empire will have Warlock Bombardier, 3x Stormfiends, Warp Lightning Cannon, and Doomwheel. That's probably going to be like 700-730 points. I guess grabbing a couple of boxes of clanrats now would be a decent way to round that out to 1000 points...
  2. Hi, all. I am thinking of starting a mixed Skaven force, but am unsure how to proceed. It seems that right now there are only two easy routes to start from scratch. First would be go in on the Pestilens SC box, then branch out as the rest of the clans get more support from GW. The other way is to find one half of the Spire of Dawn box and build from there -- but that is really difficult to find now. I suppose I'm unsure if starting with Pestilens will give me a solid foundation. Do they work well with the other clans? I don't want an army of just 100+ plague monks. I would rather have a mix of monks, clanrats, and stormvermin at 2000 points, along with the iconic units like the Screaming Bell, Doomwheel, etc. I'm not a tournament player -- there is no AoS scene where I live and my games will mostly be casual with friends. But I don't want to assemble an army that doesn't really work together.
  3. That's interesting. So there were also no undead in the Mortal Realms before Nagash entered the picture?
  4. Thanks, Sception -- that was a very clear explanation. So in some cases Nagash can have one hand working against the other, as long as it advances his true goals? I see a lot of Black Library novels about Nagash, both from the Old World line and Age of Sigmar. Are any of those in particular worth reading?
  5. Hi, folks. I'm planning on getting into AoS with my family. While I've played miniatures wargames for over 25 years (and 40k for 20 years) this is pretty new to everyone else. My wife is a good painter and in love with the Seraphon. I'll be playing either Legions of Nagash. My son is 9 and has shown a big interest in Nighthaunt. I didn't push him into that (he just loves ghosts) but I think it's fortunate -- the Nighthaunt models can look really good with only a wash and drybrush, and that means he'll get to paint his own guys. My question really comes to how Nighthaunts are playing right now. Will he be competitive against Serephon and LoN? Will it be boring for him to play against another Death army? We're going to be really casual -- probably just using the free core rules and warscrolls at first. Thanks for your help!
  6. That's great to hear! Thanks for all the information. My force will be heavily focused around Deathrattle units allied into the Legion of Night. I've read that Mannfred is one of the more manipulative and untrustworthy Mortarchs anyway, so I guess if any of them are going to be doing some infighting it will be him. Have you all found the Death-focused AoS Black Library books to be good? I'm halfway through the Realmgate Wars and they are a little underwhelming, to be honest. I'm sure some of it is just finding footing for the new setting.
  7. Hi, folks. I'm thinking of starting a Death army but I was curious if there's any lore surrounding in-fighting within the faction. I know that Nagash technically has control of all the undead, but does this really only pertain to large conflicts or would he also prevent competition and fighting between Mortarchs? I really dislike the idea of playing factions that are completely without interior conflict (such as Stormcast). If Death is that way I may end up doing something else.
  8. Hi, all. I'm a new player thinking about building a GA:Death army and had some questions about how the Death alliance works in the lore. Specifically, I'm curious about how much infighting there is. From what little I've read, the Death armies (with the exception of the Flesh-Eater Courts) are tightly controlled by Nagash. Is that really the case? Is there ever a situation where Death armies fight each other in huge battles? I guess I'm sort of struggling with how to justify narrative battles between Death armies. I have the same problem with Order. Chaos and Destruction are no problem -- the novels clearly have them fighting each other all the time. My final question is whether most of the undead are located in Shyish, or whether you see them in all the realms? Again, I know that Flesh-Eater Courts are everywhere, but they're the weird ones (and also not really undead).
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