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First 1000 point list, bit stuck


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Recently picked up the General's Handbook and I've been trying to figure out how to go about making a list(I have the Slaves Start Collecting, the Chaos starter models and a Lord/Warshrine), so far I've got:


Lord of Chaos  - Reaperblade/Sword

10 Chaos Warriors - Hand Weapon/Runeshield

5 Chaos Knights - Glaives

Chaos Chariot - Not Gorebeast

Chaos Warshrine




So my understanding is if I make my allegiance Slaves to Darkness I can't use any of the neat Chaos Allegiance bonuses but if I expand outside of that I need to take another Battleline unit.

The easiest option seems to be mark everyone Khorne and take something like 20 Bloodreavers and a Bloodstoker(which works out to 1000 points neatly) , but from what I've read Khorne wants the full support Hero package and people don't value Bloodreavers too highly(Warshrine could help them enough though). There's also the other models like the Bloodsecrator/Warriors but I keep hitting small point gaps I can't fill without redoing big parts of the list and at that point I don't feel like I know what I'm doing.

Just looking for opinions on what might be good to include going forward, I don't mind picking up another unit but it would be nice to use what I have if I can.

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Technically if you are allegiance slaves to darkness you are also allegiance chaos since everyone has the chaos keyword. The book just states that you will have to pick which allegiance abilities and such. So whenever the slaves to darkness get their own allegiance abilities you will have to pick between them and the chaos ones.

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