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Starting a Gloomspite Path to Glory (Nottingham)


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Not sure if this is the place to put it but in my experience Mods are good at redirecting if it isnt.


With all the Gloomspite hype I'm resurfacing in the world of Age of Sigmar and trying to arrange a slow grow path to glory style campaign at Warhammer world where once or twice a month we meet up to play through custom scenarios to ultimately who decide is the King of the Fungal Mountains. For those starting a Gloomspite army its a great way of adding natural character to your backstory with the campaign as a frame of reference aswell as learning, building and playing with those who are enthused by the same faction as you (and might have spares you need and visa versa).

The campaign would be as said, slow growing, and I will strive to give as much personality and fun to every scenario as befitting such a cool renewed faction. Currently I have a handful of people from the Sigmar facebook groups interested but thought it was worth mentioning here as in my experience it is the best and most active Sigmar forum.

Anyone who isnt Nottingham local I will put any of the materials I produce for the campaign up on the internet so if you want to play along with your own locals I'd be thrilled.

Here's a work in progress of Scenario one.



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For those interested in my planned Path to Glory modded campaign to play at Warhammer World I have cobbled together a brief starting pack (open to comments, suggestions and changes) and an initial scenario for use with it.
For anyone else interested in taking part everyone is more than welcome!




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