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Kindred Fear

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Hey all. I played a bit of Age of Sigmar back when it first released with my Skaven. I had to drop the hobby for a while due to personal reasons, but I'm looking to get back in. I was wondering if any of you would mind pointing me in the direction of a particular playstyle. I enjoy a control type element when playing and by that I mean things such as debuffs, hit & run, and generally anything that helps me control the tempo of the battle. I've looked around and from what little knowledge I have it looks like Legions of Nagash and maybe Maggotkin may be what I'm looking for, but I'd appreciate some more experienced input. Sorry for the long "newbie" post.

Thanks for any and all help! -Kindred

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Welcome back to the hobby!

If I'm reading this right, Skaven can actually fit that bill fairly well. 

My local Skaven player's favorite tactic is to charge with stormvermin or clanrats, then use their ability to retreat and charge to bypass the enemy's frontline and strike at protected heroes or shooting units. Following up with something nasty, Like a hellpit or rat ogres to hit the now open front.

Stormfiends, warpgrinder teams, and verminlord decievers can also wreak havoc with the enemy's plans.

Other armies you might want to look at, in addition to those you mentioned, Idoneth and Seraphon both have elements of battlefield control.

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