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  1. Thank you all for the help! I've narrowed it down to either Fyreslayers or Nighthaunt based on Lore/Aesthetic/Playstyle. Just looking into them both a bit more before I make my leap into the game and grab some models! Looking forward to being able to get some hobby time in with one or the other in the near future! -KindredFear
  2. Thanks @Oak7603! That makes me feel a bit better about just going with a choice and not worrying overly much about whether I'll regret it! I'm glad to be here and be starting up the hobby again. -KindredFear
  3. Thanks, Dankboss. That narrows it down quite a bit. I'll look at Ironjawz, Ogors, Slaves to Darkness, Daughters of Khaine and Khorne a bit more closely! Cheers! -KindredFear
  4. Hello, all. I've been interested in getting back in Age of Sigmar. I played a few games when it first launched and enjoyed it, but overall didn't have much time for gaming. I have more free time and more income now and would like to hop back into the game. However, I'm a bit overwhelmed with army choices. I'd greatly appreciate it if you all could point me in the direction of a particular playstyle. I'm looking for a faction that: -Is melee focused -Has a way to engage the enemy (speed, deep strike, etc.) -Hits hard -Doesn't crumble when attacked back As examples I enjoy playing my Bloody Rose Adepta Sororitas in 40k, a warrior in World of Warcraft (any spec), champions like Vi or Xin in League, etc. I've been looking through 1d4chan (and still am), but I could really use the assistance outside of that site. I assume multiple armies can pull this playstyle off, but thank you all for reading and helping me narrow down my choices. -KindredFear
  5. Thanks for the welcome back and the information! I'll look into all three of those armies more closely. Sorry for the short response, but seriously that helps a ton!
  6. Hey all. I played a bit of Age of Sigmar back when it first released with my Skaven. I had to drop the hobby for a while due to personal reasons, but I'm looking to get back in. I was wondering if any of you would mind pointing me in the direction of a particular playstyle. I enjoy a control type element when playing and by that I mean things such as debuffs, hit & run, and generally anything that helps me control the tempo of the battle. I've looked around and from what little knowledge I have it looks like Legions of Nagash and maybe Maggotkin may be what I'm looking for, but I'd appreciate some more experienced input. Sorry for the long "newbie" post. Thanks for any and all help! -Kindred
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