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Abilities that trigger on a 6


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Hi all
So I'm talking about any abilities that trigger on a 6, hits, wounds , saves etc  they are missing the 6+ and or 6 or more.
(All these abilities do not say Natural 6 or unmodified 6 like so many other abilities.)
It is know by a few players that since that last faq in July a part of the previous faq has been remove or is now missing.
That pre faq part that said 'a roll of a 6' is treated synonymous with 'a roll of 6 or more'
This now means that this trigger number moves up and down with mods but if it moves down ALL numbers above are just normal hits, wounds , saves etc. 
Example A +2 to hit . The trigger number is now 4 ONLY and 5&6 are just normal hits.
I have some books and found some examples but there are so many more, the list know doubt goes on and on.
Here are some example 
Crimson Crown and so many more in Blades of khorne 
Orruk warchanter 
Crypt haunter courtier 
Crypt horrors
Crypt inferior courtier 
Crypt flayers 
Etc etc
Do you know of any others , unfortunately i do not have any books digitally so can not do easy fast searches so know doubt there are more even in the book I have looked at.
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