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  1. Do you get blue horrors from pink ‘if’ the pinks died due to battle shock. I personally think the ‘flee’ part is inferring that they run away off the table and counts as slain. Well .. in Death frenzy if a model is ‘slain’ you can Pile in and Attack . Not once did I pile in and attack when I failed battleshock test. I also did Not get kicked in the nuts
  2. I also hope this changes is not true, ALL the summoning armies can normall summon any number of units , as long as they had the points. If they have restricted it to one unit , that is very .... poor .
  3. Is this correct that you can only summon one unit only? Old book was one or more units, if you have the Bloodtithe points.
  4. That a good spot , GW may adjust this later. D3+1!! Ohand a Rend 2 sword;)
  5. What would happen it the unit of Skullcannons get to Pile in and attack again, if it’s even possible?
  6. If you look at the Gore Pilgrim at 140 You think you have gain 60 but to re place what is lost. Re roll prayers Immumity to battle shock. To replace what we have lost you have to get an Exalted Deathbringer at 80 points plus an Command one point per turn. Dark feast , a reduction was needed.
  7. No re rolls at all. But I did do more than 10 models
  8. Basic warscroll charging an unit of 10+ models vs 4+ Save,no supporting characters etc Bloodletters and Bestigors 300 points each. Bestigors have 4 save and bloodletters 5 save. The Bloodletters get an extra 5 mortal wounds on top of the 9 . And re roll charge
  9. And he needs to live! with his 5 wounds and his 4 + save.
  10. Hmm ... unhappy at the moment, the book will change everything. I hope
  11. I’m not even going into the Murderhost battalions, it’s the same ish as Cog’s and that is 60 points , so no way in ... is it going to be 220 points
  12. This is just a heads up as it sometimes gets missed. Some missions are completed by Characters or models getting to the opponent territory , moving off the table etc. But armies that summon in new characters and units do not count. Several Hidden Agendas refer to a player’s ‘starting army’. A player’s starting army is made up of the units from the army that were set up before the _ rst battle round, including any units that were set up in reserve before the battle began. Units that are added to a player’s army a_ er the battle has begun are not included, and neither are units that have been destroyed and subsequently returned to play (for example, units from a Legions of Nagash army returned to play by the Endless Legions battle trait would not count as a unit from the player’s starting army).
  13. Omg , you notice the different. Normally I would have killing frenzy +1 and the +1 from 30 bloodletters. Its a big loss, when 30 cost 320 point and bloodletters get 1 Attack as basic. They just do not have the same efficiency as Reapers, Bestigor, etc With luck the new book will smash this out of the park:)
  14. Just played Murderhost at the weekend . Bloodtithe event , amazing:)
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