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Molten Glass Effect


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I have a crafting challenge that I need advice on. I'm trying to do a model making a Terminator style entrance to the tabletop by having a cracked molten glass effect beneath the model with warpflame around the edges. Below is what I have so far, including an attempt to tint some plastic different colors. The process hasn't provided a smooth finish yet but I can cut it out into long triangles to see what it'll look like. I'm also thinking of a deep-orange base color beneath the plastic for a glow effect. 



In addition, the terrain rock holding up the foot is really in the way. I don't know how to replace it to be more fitting for everything being turned to glass. Painting it that way is currently above my skill level and I'd hate to shave off the adorable rats on the sides. Any suggestions or reference pictures would be most helpful.


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