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Tips for conversion : Nurgle War Mammuth


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Hi all

Since 2 months I am thinking to make a conversion of a nurgle war Mammut using LOTR mumak war leader as base (since the leader and tusks are really cooler than the normal one). 

My ideas are to use a little quantity of green stuff (liquid too) to create some areas infested/mutated by the chaos God, buying maybe a box of chaos spawns for the insectoid parts/eyes/tenticles/spikes. 

Not sure if doing it on half of the face too, adding half mutation with plenty of eyes (or 3 eyes) 

I have like 10 shields of blight kings to add on the top too, but for the Spearmen I will probably going only for a pallid color scheme than a conversion since they are the weak part of the model


Any other suggestion

Thanks in advance


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Sounds good, I’d recommend a beast of Nurgle as well or instead for bits, you end up with a nurgle beast/spawn and it has bits you can add in a more nurgley degree, espcially the tentacles, extra heads and alternate torso, those would look pretty cool as lesions and giant boils blended in with greenstuff on the mumak.



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