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  1. Recap on probably aos related rumours
  2. It could be, it has the same shoelaces too
  3. 🤔 Oh my gosh it's Krell... Since in the video he said he escaped a prison (he did) and he fought ghal Mazar too And he is the best leader for a skelly army
  4. Or maybe it's a heavy armored Chaos warrior 😬
  5. I played a 1k game with 3 beasts today, they were annoying as f**k 🤣 even without a daemon hero they did some wounds and did a good screen I think I will for sure run them again in 2k games with slimux helping them a lot 😘
  6. That rule is totally stupid Yesterday on miniwargaming they discussed how it is wrong as rule for about 20 minutes, immagine gnarlholes... Goblin shrine ecc ecc They will change it in days
  7. I will for sure run bloab for 240,ok it's not good as verminlord as a caster but his spell is huge with the cost reduction on beasts of nurgle (3 of them trigger for sure damage in the movement phase) 😁 240 for a low range artillery with 1 spell, 12 hp, not bad melee profile, debuffing casters and debuffing melees 3 beasts are good as screen, just immagine someone blocked by 3 of them and deciding how to split attacks (since with the extrasave they need to think it very carefully), overkill 1 of them or killing none of them... On the next turn 3 retreats for a 50% average 4 mortal wounds if they survived.... Oh boy
  8. Probably @peasant, I hope too in beasts of nurgle to go down at 80 at least and basic heroes at 80,since they are useless right now Rotigus 400 points would never see play anymore
  9. I rly love your colors scheme but on a more "chaotic style" base would be perfect on my opinion, purple-blue light colored
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