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  1. they say it but i agree too with you, that hook is planted into flesh in my opinion AND that genre of tail is the same of plenty new releases : ossiarch hero on steed with double tail, deepkin hero on big goldfish narvalo ecc, similar tail pose
  2. From builder I can't have a unit of more than 3 models as varanguard hero but I can't find something that state that I can have 1 unit of 6 as 1 hero?! Or only units of 3 counts?
  3. could be be huge singol model release? 1 for each faction
  4. WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT....... 😂 cattle power!
  5. with 8 stegadons/bastiladons army the oobjective of the game is not points, it's a stampede 🥰
  6. Just a thing i spotted today : more than half of seraphon products are out of stock 😵 just a coincidence?! 😱
  7. Chaos dwarves : destruction dwarves 🤩
  8. I was thinking 1 thing about new subfactions... Blightlords are daemons 🤭 so they have locus too, so they are actually 3+ save with daemons subfact.
  9. hi , i am new to flesh eaters, i play mainly nurgle and chaos warriors now but i finally finished to paint my first zombie dragon and i love it so much i have in mind to build a Gristlegore list to play with there is a difference in list building for a mix of dragons and terrorgheist or it's fine to have 2+2 without having all gheist or all dragons?? (since i want to build/paint terrorgheists too) archregent is a must or i can avoid it?! thanks for the reply
  10. daemons and mortal for chaos gods divided, oh boy 😎 interesting
  11. For the blightkings command ability if combined with blight cyst is not bad If u fight a low bravery unit with a 4+ or 5+ save you are going to deal 3 mortal wounds (and more models die so more probably will flee in the battleshock phase) It's still a gamble Free to the double trait is really strong and Artifact is not strong but not horribile too
  12. Mortals are meh 😣 If u compare the locus of daemons not even 1/10 as strong Drones with +1 on d. Resilient and +1 on save since they reduce rend by 1 are something terribile to deal with I am immagining a guo battalion with the first daemon traits : - 1 to rend 😋 Free mortal wounds Mortal wounds on charge -1 attack with geminds ☺️ Artifact of power on the sword guo (3+ sword vs heroes) Not bad at all
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