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  1. What I really hope to see In a gloomspite vs sylvaneth box is a new warboss on squig since the last model right now is out of place
  2. Don't be disappointed, maybe gw is reserving slaanesh's elves for the future it will be freed from th chains Light/shadow elves Vs slaanesh ones
  3. Chaos sorcerer too, His spell is damn strong Try to max out heroes, playing some exalted heroes with 80 points cost for the slaves alliance ability to reroll 1 to hit, if are playing slaves alliance and not khorne
  4. Many of us are thinking about "darkoath" since warcry will give us some new particular chaos models with a generic theme (not god specific) but..... If they give us....... More everchosens?! 😏 Foot everchosens Everchosen on chaos dragon/chaos beast Since they are not hinting it at all
  5. Guo with bell or rotigus Lord of plagues Lord of blights Harbinger of decay Lord of afflictions Chaos warshrine Verminlord corruptor A screen of 40 marauders or 30 plaguebearers or 40 plague Monks, depends on the heroes u choose Or if you want to try chaos Warhounds as screen and objective grabbers (but they can't be nurgle marked)
  6. Why not Stormcrabs eternals, crostacean chamber
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