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  1. calcysimon

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    I would buy at least 3 chaos Dragons if they were at least 50% cool as the total war one
  2. calcysimon

    Oh god this article...

    I would say that 99% of people saying that this is an expensive hobby go out 3 times a week spending 50% of their incomes or buying some useful things as new phone, ipods ecc or go abroad each year I can bet on it
  3. calcysimon

    What should GW do to balance AoS?

    Main ussues are only 2 since 8 months : All dok abilities say "within" and not "wholly within" like all factions after, and they can benefit multiple times of 1 buff (hags) , it's like casting 3 times the same buffing spell with models costing half (mages cost 120+) with a casting roll of 4 Nighthaunt summonables stronger in lon than in their alliance...
  4. calcysimon

    The Rumour Thread

    If those are the profiles of some future units or the changes to the old ones the future for std is bright Javelins +3+3 -1 d3 as backup unit with low range Old great weapons increased at 2 damage (chaos warriors, chosens, or new marauders berserkers style) +4+4, 2 attacks with 24' bows is not bad And these too don't have mark option so one of the worst alliance traits is probably going to change
  5. calcysimon

    help deciding on next project

    As a gamer I would say skaven: cool models, can try many variants on color schemes, incoming tome in 2019,can be played into general chaos too as good units As a painter I would say seraphon, Dino-army 😍 except for the 80 skins u will need to paint
  6. calcysimon

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    I hope too to see more demonic humans
  7. calcysimon

    The 5000+ Owners Club

    same goes for Skaarac the Bloodborn (Great Khorgorath of Khorne), he is really huge, more than a great unclean one. i agree with Overread
  8. calcysimon

    The Rumour Thread

    My opinion is that gw will rework first all factions with magics so they can make their endless in the process and after they will rework all faction without heavy magic (like dwarves, freepeoples,khorne, orks, ogors/bcr) These last faction need something to be as good as endless spells but without changing their style In favor of this is the fact that they didn't already did nothing with slaanesh, they probably want to make it a heavy antimagic faction
  9. calcysimon

    The Rumour Thread

    Maggotkin box 🤩
  10. calcysimon

    The Rumour Thread

    Could be less, like akhelian king box, maybe (just hope) 😁
  11. calcysimon

    The Rumour Thread

    I just saw yesterday's photos of the event There was a stand where u could take and free paint a Chaos warrior 😏 strange?! Ps. The goblin scenery is freaking huge, doubles a gargant in the photo
  12. calcysimon

    The Rumour Thread

    Oh god chaos gods
  13. calcysimon

    The Rumour Thread