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I completely finished my Darkoath Chieftan for Warhammer Quest.


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This is the first time I’ve ever based anything, too. I thought the snow looked really cool and thematic for him. I used my utmost skill to paint this guy with lots of patience and going over any mistakes, and it took me about 3 painting sessions. 

I’m still pretty new to painting and sadly my Corax White spray came out gritty on him, but in a way I sort of like it. It gives it a certain sort of charm I suppose. 






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Nice work! Always satisfying to finish something fully, and the grit doesn't show too much. ?

Painting the base rim can really help make a model look fully completed I always feel, it might be worth considering that as one final step? Perhaps a dark brown or black in this case, but googling "warhammer snow bases" should give you some ideas.

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