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Stormcast Battle Host


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Looking at first GHB game tomorrow. Taking Stormcast which I have only got 2000 points of if I include my stardrake. List might  look something like:




Lord Celestant on Stardrake 600
Lord Relictor 80
Knight Venator 120
Knight Vexillor 200
Battlemage 100

1100 pts

Liberators x5 100
Liberators x5 100
Judicators x5 160

360 pts

Other Units
Retributors x5 220
Protectors x5 200
Prosecutors x3 with Celestial Hammers 100

520 pts

1980 pts

Battle trait
Defiant Avengers

Commands trait

Artefacts of Order
Phoenix Stone/ or the +1 rend to weapon/ or the +1 damage to weapon <- to general


Any thoughts?

I did have an idea to remove stardrake and tak LCoD and a LC on foot (max leaders then) and add in the Lords of the Storm Warscroll. But then I'm points short and need to add the only other units I have painted - auric hearthguard and a gryph hount. Still short but might be more interesting.

I could also take 2 x 4 retributors and skip protectors. Then I could use the hammerstrike force but I'd be paying for more retributors than I have.

I don't mind either though. It's a friendly game and I'm just keen to try out new stuff. My only rule is I have to take painted! So my part done 5 x liberators and 2 x concussors sit out


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