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Firestorm advice form experienced players please?


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I am looking for advice on the firestorm campaign rorm those that have  played it and any advice you might have?

My ideas for standard sized armies in a 1v1 campaign.

 1) we ignore the Domain card mustering points and just play standard 2000 point games

2) we use the build point s and glory points on the domain cards as usual.

3) we use the strategy points as normal.

4) use the secret objectives.


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I've played through a 4 player campaign and two things really helped keep it fresh and interesting.

1. Don't ignore mustering points!  One of the best parts of building your empire and resource base is the possibility of lop-sided battles and finding creative ways to win out against the odds.  There was never a point in my campaign where one person was so dominant that the others could never win any games.  This is because even the person leading the campaign couldn't guarantee they would have all their forces at their disposal since they could draw fewer mustering points.

2.  The Open War cards are perfect for this campaign.  The Ruses and Sudden Death cards are tailor-made for balancing the kind of lop-sided battles that can occur in Firestorm.  You can still build armies however you like (wounds or points or models) and use the Open War cards.  If you don't have them I highly recommend them (or just use the new one in the GHB18). 

Last thing; the winner of our campaign won through Glory Points.  If you really focus on Glory I think its prolly the easiest win condition in the campaign out of the box.

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