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Additional saves....



Hello all! My gane group and I are very new to aos and we couldn't figure out the timing on morbid vigor and the chaos shrine saves. Do you make these save after you have failed a regular armour save or do you make these save for each point of damage a unit suffers?


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Secondary "saves" like that take place after multiplying out the damage. For instance, I hit you twice with Retributor hammers, for 2 damage each. You fail the regular saves. The damage is then multiplied out (2 damage per attack * 2 attacks), and you would take 4 Chaos Shrine "saves".

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Chronology of attacks is as follows;

Roll to hit

Roll to wound

Roll standard saves (I.e. the one on their profile)

Calculate damage and add to pool

[Repeat for whole attacking unit]

Apply damage from the pool to models in the unit, starting with an already wounded model if possible.

'Extra' saves are taken at the point that damage is actually inflicted on a model, and don't generally benefit from any bonuses or rerolls.

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