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Destruction Derby Mini 4 - 40k?

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 Putting rules here as it seems the best place. Event to take place on the 31st May.

Stealing all @Ben Johnson's hard work for this bit.


Destruction Derby Mini 4

Welcome to the fourth Destruction Derby Mini, a one night Warhammer 40kTournament. All for the low low price of £2, your normal club night subs. The night will be made up of three quick fire rounds of Warhammer 40,000 with awards at the end of the night.


Armies should be selected using the rules laid out in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. You must bring a battleforged army but are free to bring the army made up of any detachements you wish totallying no more than 750pts. I would highly encourage you to bring nicely balanced lists and so I'm placing the following restictions on selection. All restrictions are done per Dataslate, so 0-3 per Troops Choice and/or Dedicated Transports and 0-1 for every other option with the exception of Lords of War which aren’t showing up for a small skirmish. This means if you can bring 3 Tactical Squads but can't bring two Land Raiders or a Primarchs! In addition no single unit may exceed a Power Level of 15. Play Nice!


Players will not roll for a Scenario or Deployment, the TO will roll for the scenario and deployment map for all games before the round starts. Keep this in mind when writing your lists boys.

Rounds will only last one hour and once the game is over players should record who has won, and record the amount of kill points you have aquired, along with First Bloods, Linebreakers and Slay the Warlords. Once the hour is up players should stop the game and work out the score as quickly as possible so we can stay on track.

The first round will be random draw based, made as people arrive, grudges are encouraged. After that we will use the 'Swiss' system and house rule number 5. Should you be drawn against someone you have already played, shout up and I will swap you. If you are drawn against your mate, remember it's all about the bragging rights afterwards.

Game 1     7pm-8pm

Game 2     8.15pm-9.15pm

Game 3     9.30pm-10.30pm

Awards     10.45pm-11pm


Games should be played on a 4'x4' table with the amount and placement of terrain agreed by the players.


In each game there will be 3 points for a victory, plus 1 bonus point for each Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord and First Bloods you achieve.

The winners will be determined by totalling the points scored by each player, if there is a tie the first sort will be best sport votes then kill points. If it is still a tie after the first three sorts then the players will arm wrestle to determine the winner.

There will be awards for whatever I can come up with before the event.

House rules.

The following house rules will be used.

1 Big FAQ will be in use.

2 Don't be that guy.

3 Painted armies isn't mandatory but is highly encouraged

4 If you bring the filth, I reserve the right to mess with the draw ?


Great, lets get it on.





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