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Skaven help


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I have this Lot I just put on rounds but not sure how to run it. Can anyone help? Happy to add to it etc. Really want to get my skaven up an running again for AoS. Just not sure how. Haha. Can I make any of it work? Thanks in advance. 

2x warp cannons


Screaming bell

Doom wheel

Vermin lord deciver

2x Tunnel team

3 stormfiends 2 Ratling 1 grinder fist


4 Engineer

5 Pack masters inc special char

Grey seer 

15 gutter runners 

40 storm vermin

40 clanrats with spears 

Poison wind mortar 

Sorry for font size. Copy paste an not t sure how to change. 

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Hi, you need more "battle line" units to fulfill AoS requirements.

Clanrats are chaos and verminua battle line

Stormfiends are skryre battle line

Gutter runners are eshin battle line

Stormvermins and clanrats are verminua battle line


So you need to pick a faction (chaos, skryre, verminua, eshin...) and fill the battle line units requirements.

If you pick chaos you need 2 more units of clanrats (so 40-80)

If you pick skryre you need 2 more of either stormfiends or skryre acolytes. But everything non skryre will be allies and you can already have 400pts of these (so most of your minis won't be used).

Tldr: buy 80 more clanrats, pick chaps allegiance and use any other unit you want :)



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