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Narrative Event "Unto the spectral city"


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Hi guys,

first post on this forum. I wrote a Narrative Story-Arc and Mission for my player group, which they played today.

It contains of a 4 player scenario with special objectives and terrain rules. 

Here are the files i wrote up for the event:


The Story-File is a short introduction file for the players

The AOS Cards file are the terrain cards matching the terrain on the map. These are getting placed face down

onto the board and come into effect as soon as a unit is within 3" of the terrain. It can be looked at from the player

at that time and is to be kept secret from the rest of the players.

The Story Arc files are specific story arcs i wrote for my players with special scenarios for everyone

Lastly, the image file is the map with the rough setup layed out


There will be a follow up 3 game event carrying the story forward. It is not yet completed but will be posted here when done.

Hopefully you can use them or get some sort of inspiration out of them! Let me know what you think!


Unto the Spectral City_Story.docx


Bretonia story arc.docx

Free People story arc.docx

Orcs story arc.docx

Stormcast Eternals story arc.docx


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