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Maximum Rules



Just out of interest, I was wondering what is the maximum amount of additional rules that can be stacked up on a game of AoS... Here's what I came up with...

You could have a Triumph and Treachery battle, using Treachery Points, Treacherous Acts and Secret Objectives rules, where the players are divided into 3 teams of 2 so Coalition of Death rules are also used, including Fog of War and Divine Intervention.

All Allegiance Abilities - battle traits, command traits, artefacts, and spell lores - are in use and each army is made up of Warscroll Battalions and Uber-Battalions that confer extra abilities.

This is also the final battle of a Firestorm campaign so players have Stratagem Points to use before the game and extra abilities from Strategic Regions that they hold. The rewards rolls have been borrowed from Path to Glory and have been made after each battle, so some units have Champion Rewards or Follower Rewards rules.

The board is a Shattered Dominion so each tile has its own rules. All Scenery pieces use their own warscroll rules as well as rolling on the Scenery Table for each piece, and there is a Stronghold (an Infernal Realmfort that also has it's own Warscroll Battalion) held by one team so the effects of Siege Tactics against it need to be rolled before the game.

The Scenario is generated using Open War cards for the Map, Objectives and Twist, with Ruse and Sudden Death cards also given to the team with the smallest army, who also get a Triumph reroll.

The Realm of Battle (Time of War) is The Realm of Death, which has rules for Realmscape Features, Realmsphere Magic, Realm Commands, and an additional Power of Death roll at the start of every hero phase.

This is also Malign Portents game, so Prophecy Points can be generated and used every turn.

That's a lot of stuff to remember! Did I miss anything?



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With open war cards, you can get the twist double or nothing, which gives you 2 twists, one of which could be the twist which provides 2 objectives. You could have Map, 2 Objectives, an additional twist as well as the one which gives you the second object, the ruse, and the sudden death. I had one game with everything except the sudden death.  :P

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