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Tzeentch with monster 2000k


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Hello, I am writing to tell you about my list of Tzeentch allied with beasts. I love the warheards and the monsters of chaos and I would like to make a balanced list between magic and melee shooting. Let's see what you think of the list.

Shaman Tzaangor -160

Herald of Tzeentch -120

Herald of Tzeentch on disc-120

Ogroid Thaumaturge-160


Tzaangors skyfire x6-400
Mutalith vortex beast-200

Pink horrors x10 -120

Pink horrors x10 -120

Tzaangors x10-180




Bullgors x3-180



If you find some way to optimize more the list leave it in the comments. you see what idea I have with the alieados, a bit of body-to-body support. Thank you

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