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New member, nurgle and death


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Hi tga community

new member old player from back in 6th and 7th edition fantasy.

i have a death army which now needs some work and a lot of rebasing! Starting a Nurgle daemon army to use in both AOS and 40K.

do require some advice or point in direction if you could be so kind. With a group we have decided to start with Skirmish before moving to PTG as we build and paint. Great opportunity to start learning the new rules and encourage some painting. However is there a revised list of nurgle daemon skirmish points anywhere? I have the skirmish book which lists most things such as spawn etc but no beasts? Maggotkin book has PTG cost and units but not skirmish which surprised me a malign portents has skirmish points for KoS. Even the warscroll builder does not list herald as an option so wondered if there were revised points in existence for nurgle maggotkin and rotbringers.

anyway look forward to reading the posts and there is some awesome bits in the gallery which have given me some inspiration. I look forward to chatting, debating and discussing this awesome hobby with you all!


JMech aka John

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Hi JMech! Welcome to TGA.


Skirmish wise unfortunately not all units are included in the book, there is some formula people found that converts regular points to skirmish points but unfortunately there don't seem to be any revised points anywhere (big shame for units that get points changes, kaeric acolytes are still 3 points in skirmish book when in GHB17 they got dropped from 140 to 100. Also no fell bats or vamp lords for death upsets me but that's a topic for another time)

If you can find the conversion formula then discuss with your group if they'll let you use non skirmish book models since there's no knowing whether skirmish will ever really be updated (I personally hope it gets updates as I think it has a lot of really cool potential)


Best of luck with your skirmish band though! Should be a blast however you guys decide to do it :) Also a brilliant excuse to practice doing cool conversions!

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