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Silver Tower Basing Check


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So I have been painting Silver Tower models and I wanted to check what people thought about basing

My idea for basing was to find themed resin bases (the two at the front in the images linked). I did so but didn't buy a whole lot as I also wanted some plain blue tinged basic bases with yellow rocks too. I figured I'd throw some sand on the resin bases to tie it all together (like dust / earth on top of an arcane patterned floor).

Thing is I'm not happy with how it's turned out so far. I think this group is representative of the proportions I'll have when finished and also looks like a pretty good sample room size. And it looks a bit off. I think my colours need to match more. I haven't even checked against the board tbh! Bad form!

Also, the yellow I've chosen has been experimental for nearly each base so that kind of shows. If someone has experience of a good formula for the yellow that'd be cool.

What do you guys think?

Here's what I've painted so far:


One thing is that my main idea with basing was I might like to use these guys in AoS too and I've got the idea to not paint different armies bases that different in colour - black edge with a dark basing colour.

My stormcast are dark brown, I will have these guys a grey/blue tinged black and anything else will stick to that in case I want to blend factions - they won't stand out as much

So I didn't want too themed which is why the resin base idea isn't across the board.

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