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Chaos warriors Tzeentch mark question



Hi fellow Mortal Realm residents I have a question.

I play Disciples of Tzeentch and want to play some chaos warriors as allies with mark of Tzeentch. Do they get Tzeentch allegiance then? Can I use destiny dice for them?


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56 minutes ago, Mount Franklin said:

You should be able to run them no problem as they can be marked as Tzeentch (check out page 72 of your battletome). I'm also fairly certain that they don't need to be run as allies as they don't break your allegiance :)

100% Correct.

DoT fall under Tzeentch allegiance. The two are interchangeable. If you are running a DoT/Tzeentch list, you can include anything in your army that has the Tzeentch keyword without using ally points. This includes:

Tzeentch Demons
Anything StD that can take Mark of Tzeentch
Achaon on his mega dragon.


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