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Searing Doom spell




I have a battlemage on pegasus that I am looking to incorporate in my mixed order force (mainly to help deal with a pesky mourngul!).

Just a query on the Searing Doom spell, and whether mystic shield has any effect on anything. I do not think so, but thought it is worth it to check! Rule below.

Searing Doom has a casting value of 6. If successfully cast, pick an enemy unit that is visible to the caster and within 18" of them and roll 6 dice. That unit suffers 1 mortal wound for each dice rolled that is equal to or higher than that unit’s Save characteristic (for example, a unit with a save of 4+ would suffer a mortal wound for each dice result that was a 4 or more).

So if the mourngul has mystic shield on him, his save is 2+. Does casting Searing Doom on him at this point work with 2+ (mystic shield save) or 3+ (normal save). Hope that makes sense!


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