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Vanguard Wing's Bearers of the Storm ability interacting with Judicator's Chained Lightning



Bearers of the Storm:
...If a hit roll for an attack made these Liberators or Judicators is 6 or higher, make two wound rolls rather than one.

Chained Lightning:
If a Judicator with a Shockbolt Bow scores a hit then the bolt explodes into a storm of lightning. Instead of making a single wound roll, roll a dice and make a number of wounds rolls equal to the number scored.

How do these two abilities interact if a Judicator with a Shockbolt Bow rolls a 6 on his attack? Does he get 2d6 wound rolls? Does he roll as normally and if he gets a 1 then it's upgraded to a 2 ("rather than one")?

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Hello there,

There is no official GW FAQ for this yet. But you can look at various different rule-packs for tournament stating the following:

Q: How does the Shockbolt Bow (D6 wound rolls on a hit) work with the Vanguard Wing battalion's Bearers of the Storm ability (6 or higher to hit "make two wound rolls rather than one")
A: If you roll a 6+ to hit, then the initial attack will cause D6+1 wound rolls (so the abilities do synergise but by addition, rather than multiplication - so it's not 2D6 wound rolls). 


I Think the above to be valid, as there is only 1 hit roll and the d6 trigger from the hit. The batallion simply ADD 1 extra wound Roll.

The blessed weapons prayer is another thing - as it grants another hit Roll and therefore potentially another d6.

hope this helps


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I agree - it needs a FAQ and D12 would be stupid(potentially 2D12 with blessed  weapons), and this is for 1 model.

but i don't see multiplication as a valid interpretation with how the rules is written.

both chain lightning and bearers of the storm is triggered of the +6 hit roll(and there is only 1 hit Roll) and the extra wound roll from bearers of the storm is only 1 wound roll since chain lightning is not triggered. Chain lightning is an ability and not the actual attack profile of the shockbolt bow 


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