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New gamer from Nottingham


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Hi guys,

After reading several articles from this forum over the last few months I couldn't resist not signing up anymore as I feel I have a million and one questions, lol.

I had a dabble in the hobby about 20 years ago in my teens and since returning I have become totally addicted. It was my eldest son who first brought age of sigmar to my attention after a school visit to warhammer world and since then both of my boys are as addicted as me. In fact since I built the gaming table all their friends on the street are too feels like i'm running a youth club,  but at least it gives me an excuse with the wife to incest in my armies.

The main question I would like to ask is how to find out about local groups/ communities. Being in Nottingham near to warhammer world   I thought there would be a few but i'm struggling to find any. As much as i enjoy playing with the kids I would love to meet some like minded adults to play against and continue to learn.  That way I won't feel bad when I win or won't have to let them win.

Any help is much appreciated and I look forward to getting to know you all on here 



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