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Please confirm your answers with quotes from Rulebook, not just opinion.

If you have allegiance of Stormcast can you take Combat Trait from Stormcast book and Artifact from Order?

If you take units as battline that can be battline only with certain Allegiance, can you take Combat trait and Artifact from other Allegiance (or Grand Alliance).

If short: your army can have only one Allegiance or it can have several?

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Pretty much the whole page 116. in GHB2017.

You have to choose ONE allegiance for your army from all the allegiances your army may qualify for. Furthermore, you gain access to the corresponding abilities. (first paragraph, box at the bottom)

Note, allegiance abilities encompass Battle Trait, Command Trait and Artifacts.

One exception is mentioned on page 77. last paragraph.  (which is probably the reason for the "can use" from the first paragraph on page 116s box)

Despite your allegiance you can always default to Grand Alliance abilities but as the "either" implies, you have to choose and cannot cherry pick.


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See FAQ for the answer, pg.106 errata.

You build an army to an allegiance, then you can choose to use that allegiance or the GA allegiance abilities.  'Allegiance abilities' covers all traits and artefacts.  So yes you can have 2 allegiance, the one you built to (allowing you to use different battleline) and your GA (for abilities), but you cant mix and match abilities from the 2 allegiances.

[edit; just realised that was the FAQ for the GHB2016.  Equivalent section is pg.116 in GHB2017, i dont think its as well written as the previous FAQ but its the same rule.]

[edit2;  an interesting point on the rule is that you choose the allegiance for abilities before you deploy, not during list building, allowing you to choose allegiance abilities and artefacts to suit your opponent each game.  However most tournaments (if you do those) require you to state on list submission the actual abilities and artefacts you will use, so you dont get that option.  Just thought id point that out as its a thing that people may interpret differently.]

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