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The Rules


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Every forum has rules and this one is no different.  

You can find them all in our Site Rules page

But generally rule #1 is Be Cool.  

After a you have made 5 posts you will also have access to a few more features like posting attachments, sending direct messages and access to signatures and avatars.  

Enjoy the forums!

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I would like to suggest that the "No Flaming" rule be amended so it specifies that insults delivered in a passive-aggressive or non-specific manner do not violate the rules. It leads to confusion when the rule says all insulting posts are to be avoided when it is actually just where another user is explicitly pointed out.

Moderation has repeatedly shown that flaming someone under the cover of something like 'oh people who have X opinion tend to be terrible' or 'I'm sure no one with any intelligence would hold that opinion'. That kind of flaming is tolerated and the site rules should reflect such.

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