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Organising my Stormcasts...


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I have the following Stormcasts but I feel I'm not getting the most out of them on the field of battle.  Aiming for somewhere around the 1500 to 2000pt mark, I'd be very grateful for any advice on how to best form my guys into an effective fighting force.  Any recommendations for new units or if you see anything in my list that's a waste of points I'd really like to know.  Thanks!  I gather the Lord Celestant with "Furious Retribution" is an an automatic inclusion...

2 Lord Celestants on Dracoths
1 Errant Questor
1 Knight Questor
1 Lord Relictor
2 x 3 Prosecutors with Celestial hammers
3 Retributors
10 Judicators with Skybolt bows
20 Retributors



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You'll either need another unit of judicators or liberators to fill your battleline for 2000 points. 
For a cool all rounded unit i'd chuck in some fulminators or concussors, they're fast, good damage output with a good save.
Dealing with the meta at the moment popular choices are stardrake with mirror shield and protectors for mitigating enemy shooting.
For our own shooting longstrikes are pretty amazing.
Hero wise you can never go wrong with a lord castellant, he works really well with the stardrake *nudge nudge*

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