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Sworn protector (Errant Questor) + double ward save



A nasty question.

Normally we know the MW relocate ability with ward save will cause double ward saves, like Tombking herald's bodyguard ability.

I want to use it as part of my SE list combine Hammer of Sigmar battlion special trait and Artifect. A SE hero can get double 6++ and while he is with a Errant Questor, the later one can take over MW and have another 6++. It sounds quite tough.

Then I just read the rule for Sworn Protector and realize it is a little bit strange. It says 'You can chose to allocate any unsaved and mortal wound inflicted on the model to Errant Questor'

It is not as other similar rule, which the bodyguard take over damage and 'take one mortal wound'. It says 'allocate'.

My question is, if a damage is already 'allocated', is it possible to ward save or even normal save (if it is an unsaved wound not mortal wound)?

My guess is no even it will spoil my perfect plan...

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