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  1. I think you have never met any people who play it right. They just keep engine and Slann to the bottom line, use skinks to keep you out of 18’ form their core, then summon at least 40 skinks every turn and teleport them and flying dinasour to take objectives . Castigated has no chance to get inside of 18 of their Slann core at all. They are 3 steps deploy and the first turn they will have 6 units of 20/20/20/10/10/10 skinks. These unit just keep 17 inch from Slann/engine so it makes a huge no fly in area. The only way to hit Slann is ballista but that one got -2 to hit with artifacts.
  2. Really hard to believe how this can win such games... Imagine my opponents Seraphon Skywatch just sit there and summon 20/20/10 Skinks in first turn. I tried my best but just cannot figure out how this list can compete with the other one.
  3. But I do think the situation is worse on competitive environment. Perhaps due to meta reason. Today SCE is completely not competitive against Seraphon and LoN that is well played, performing bad against DoK, MK and even Tz for today. Those frictions normally take 40% of a tournament. I notice some tournament SCE is doing good, but they are all house ruled to nerf summoning. In last version SCE also have serious problem against Tz, FS and , but was not as desperate as today. Actually in the past SCE still got huge benefit and win the impossible when having a double turn. In AoS 2.0, with LoS and realms artifact against MW/shooting , it is more difficult to headshot key HQs. Meanwhile, double turn itself is less likely to happen. The bad match up for SCE now become more desperate. In one word, I just don't believe somebody's comment SCE can get a good chance in beating LoN and Seraphon. I know some tournament champion might support that, but we also champions that prove this is not ture. In my opinion if we both use popular list (LoN Reapers + Nec with heavy protection, Seraphon Skywatch and SCE Gav bomb) the chance for SCE to win is below 25%. That was the root cause why I think it is 'bad in tournament', I am not saying it is 'in general too weak'.
  4. TBH I think the biggest problem is SCE cannot compete with real top tier list like LoN and DoK. I also feels it hard to counter Sarophon and Sylvaneth, maybe 3 - 7. The competitive way of handling SCE Gavriel actually is quire clear. Get first turn with lower drop - screen with all the cheap fast/teleport stuff - wait until your Gaviel to kill something - Kill Gariel and KV at any cost. After that, simply using revive or summon, the SCE troop will not be able to move too much. The only game changer will be SCE got double turn, which is not very likely at this moment. DoK is different. I can beat majority of their army and at the start of turn 3 usually the points on field is about 1400:800 at my advantage. However, with a single successful mind razor, even 10 witches can easily kill 10 evocators with ease. I don't know how could it be possible that an army has a battleline that can do 8 raw wound with double rerolls at the cost of 10 points. I think the biggest problem is not SCE cannot have certain feature, but cannot acquire certain feature at a reasonable cost. For example, if I want +1 to caste, I can choose a stardrake at 460P or a battalion with about 260P wasted or pick certain host with very poor trait and artifact. The result will be that, all the SCE list become very single minded. My intention might only be to caste spell at reasonable success rate against those +2 to unbound evil necromancers, then it will always turn to and can only be a heavy wizard list.
  5. I think it depends. I was the first place back in 2016 in several small tournaments in both Shanghai and northern Germany. At that time I have experience WBH and other enemies without solid support rules. It was clearly a time when SCE was broken (or in LoN place for today). Actually we do have a very active pro game group in China + Hong Kong + Singapore. For example, the Seraphon I lost to was the 2nd place in 2016 UK Brotherhood. We discussed that match again and again afterwards and realized SCE Gavieral based list stands almost no chance to win at all. It might be that in our environment the meta is limited. But we do from time to times have winner of western tournament or directly face top tier players from western side. As a conclusion, it is not just built on 6 matches. They are matches we discussed and looked over together by some player aiming at tournament play. The reason why no more games can be provided is simply I am the only SCE player for now. Other people all go to LoN or DoK at the moment. with only a few exceptions.
  6. Actually I have been playing similar list since early July for 6 games. Start with a list of 4 Ballista and LO to replace the Judicators and some Evocators. I lost 2 games against LoN which was quite desperate since the enemy army has well protected general with ignore rend artificial. Then I completely remove all the Ballista and became quite like the list reached top 10 in NOVA. Result was I lost against Seraphon half SS half TS with 2 Engine of gods, that was quite desperate. There was another lose to Nighthaunt but was a close one. I think it all depends on how you define 'Top Tier'. In my opinion and experience, LoN, DoK, Sylveneth, Indoneth, Seraphon, Nighthaunt, Tz, Nurgle and Khorne all have this kind of 'I can handle anything' impression if you ask their professional players and I feel LoN and DoK are doing better. In this situation, you can still call SCE top since they are better than so many frictions mainly from the old world. However if you compare those with new battle tome, I can only call SCE 'very average'.
  7. Actually I think that is not likely. Currently Nighthaunt, Sylvaneth, Serapgon, Nurgle, Tz and even Khorne all have the same power and win rate like SCE. Idoneth is better performing than SCE against others frictions but not against SCE. Adding together there are at least 7 frictions in the same level like SCE or better. LoN and DoK they are one of those clearly better lists. But even if we make them more balanced, peoplw will not all run to SCE.
  8. That is the list in BOBO where revive and summoning is well banned. However, I agree this list is the most solid one so far. The one went top10 in NOVA is also quite the same.
  9. I dont really agree. LoN got same meta% as SCE and I believe there was more SCE player than death player before 2.0 so SCE owner cannot be more inexperienced. But I can clearly see that LoN is performing batter against almost all other lists compare with SCE. Somehow what I feel is, SCE can stand very little win rate against LoN and DoK even we have tailored list and play properly.
  10. Actually in the beginning it was working very well, I enjoyed watching my 20 Sequitors (BTW, 30 is not possible) back. However, now they learnt how to deal with that. A lot of games my 20 Sequitors died at the 5th round, when I was already doomed to lose. It is acceptable to leave 3~6 sequtors on the table, even they are all equipped with grand hammer. Except for the first round when they are launched by Sureheart, in other time these slow mover is not a big threaten. Also, HoS host does need a lot of CP to run smoothly, cause the Sureheart is a only way to generate good contact for big base models.
  11. Not exactly, they are placed 25th in blackout and 13 in Nova, which are the most recent tournament. We had another game with 24 top players in China and SCE was right the 20 and 24 place. the only recent game they got top 1 is BOBO. But that one has house rules in favor of SCE like you can only revive one unit per turn.
  12. Jack Armstrong? I didnt know he took SCE in BOBO. Cannot find any information of that event. Do you know how to find the list there?
  13. We have a bunch of competitive players in China or from China. They also participate tournaments in UK and Australia. Before the Soul Wars was released, we all expect that SCE can perform better in competitive environment, thinking about the upgrade Liberator (Sequitor) and Retributor (Evocator), thinking about the stable DS, thinking about the spell casting and free Stormhost abilities, even the ballista looked so promising. However, after some major events, we realized it is not going as we expected. SCE is not performing any better than the last edition. Like in Blackout and NOVA, SCE is at average level. Basically it cannot compete with Nighthaunt, LoN, DoK, ID, Nurgle and Sylvaneth. They might win games against those races with tailored list, but there is no SCE army that can stand at least 40%+ winning rate against all the other competitive ones. We can imagine the Nighthaunt and LoN is also super strong due to the new models. We can also imagine that armies like Khorne got some nice new rules. However, some old army like DoK and ID, they used to be stronger or even to SCE, now they are still clearly stronger than SCE. Can we conclude that, the new update of SCE does not really change its situation in extremely competitive environment?
  14. I guess the Ordinator CA will become 'cannot use it twice on same unit' Almost every hero with CA that can lead to attack twice or in another phase has this limitation now.
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