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  1. It is just standard turn which Seraphon only move once per turn. I heard the biggest problem is about summon and screening while almost invulnerable basalidon come into play. They only get 9 Salamander in 2000 list.
  2. No, they do have salamader that is super on profile. Shooting + melee can easily eliminate sequitor at the same point level. Also it is not easy to body them as skinks are so easy to summon and easily outnumber SE models.
  3. Sorry I lost my account while ago... It was an 2000p vs 2000p SCE and 2000p Sylvaneth. I agree the list of SE+Syl army is quite old style (SE uses Hammer of Sigmar heavy Sequitor army and Syl with heavy Sythe Hunters) bu the result was still astonishing to see... The Seraphon is a heavy Salamadar list with Dragon Tail alligence.
  4. Actually, the Prime and spell caster cost reduction in SE opens a new way of playing for us, making our HQ sniping even more deadly. Imagine you get ever blazing comet + warp lightning + prime comets rod combo. It is average 8 MW output before someone can even move, which is scary for a lot armies. Though it cost a lot (300+90+100) but at least it can be handled as alley (100 for comet is not counted as alley points so 390 from SE). Also, if our points reduction come true, we all get around 120pts freed now. BTW, I have played with some really experienced players with KO. Some matches are just completely hopeless. My impression is KO got very bad matches against most 'out of board deep strike + ranged' army. Typically Seraphon, SE with raptor, CoS living wood with iron drake. Also teleport + ranged army can ****** you up if they get fewer drops, like Tz and another lower drops KO. Besides that, several bad match includes: ID, their Ishlaen Guard makes our shooting completely useless Orcs with revive boyz, just not enough fire power to stop them screen Some niche list from Skaven and Fyre Slayer with heavy 'out of board deep strike + ranged' Some other niche list focusing on -1 hit from range, like certain Ogre, DoK, SE with start dragon and Nurgle. Generally speaking, I think KO plays a moderate role in the meta. It is efficient against some very popular enemy like Bonereaper, Realmlord, also extremely hopeless against some others. The reason why KO seems quite strong is, when a player knows very little about how KO works, they will lose so quickly against our gun line.
  5. Just recently an experienced Seraphon player use traditional Thunderquake in Starborne to fight 2000 SE + 2000 Sylvaneth combination. The Seraphone got Engine of God, some Bastiladon and some Salamander. SE is traditional Heldenhammer with Raptors. Finally it turned out Seraphon got 1100pts remaining and SE +Sylvaneth only have about 600 pts on table. I just wonder, is there any clue on how can a SE army beat Seraphon like that? I see there is a huge gap that cannot even be fulfilled by tactics and list building.
  6. Actually, based on my experience against nighthaunt, it is not a very difficult game. Pure Nighthaunt is one of those most miserable armies with AOS 2.0 battletomes. Partly due to it has been released in early stage. User Thunderer to focus fire on their HQs, Nighthaunt will be harmless pretty soon. However, NH in LoN army is a different story.
  7. Saw the leaked of Teclis. He is almost impossible to fail in casting. He got auto cast dice on 12/10/10/10/10.
  8. Lost 2 games with a quite similar list. One is against Grey Water with long side deployment. They shot 40+ inches which make it eventually impossible to hide from the volley the first turn. Another time against SE with Raptors. They just landed the first turn and killed about 400 points of my balloons. I still think we need some Alpha Strike ability and much less deployments... Otherwise it is no hope against some competitive long range/ deep dive alpha-strike list.
  9. Just a question. If a unit from another friction is in one of the battalion, like Aetherstrike Force of KO includes SE units like Knight -Venator. I think they are not counted as allies? In this case, can this Knight Venator become general of this KO army?
  10. I think you have never met any people who play it right. They just keep engine and Slann to the bottom line, use skinks to keep you out of 18’ form their core, then summon at least 40 skinks every turn and teleport them and flying dinasour to take objectives . Castigated has no chance to get inside of 18 of their Slann core at all. They are 3 steps deploy and the first turn they will have 6 units of 20/20/20/10/10/10 skinks. These unit just keep 17 inch from Slann/engine so it makes a huge no fly in area. The only way to hit Slann is ballista but that one got -2 to hit with artifacts.
  11. Really hard to believe how this can win such games... Imagine my opponents Seraphon Skywatch just sit there and summon 20/20/10 Skinks in first turn. I tried my best but just cannot figure out how this list can compete with the other one.
  12. But I do think the situation is worse on competitive environment. Perhaps due to meta reason. Today SCE is completely not competitive against Seraphon and LoN that is well played, performing bad against DoK, MK and even Tz for today. Those frictions normally take 40% of a tournament. I notice some tournament SCE is doing good, but they are all house ruled to nerf summoning. In last version SCE also have serious problem against Tz, FS and , but was not as desperate as today. Actually in the past SCE still got huge benefit and win the impossible when having a double turn. In AoS 2.0, with LoS and realms artifact against MW/shooting , it is more difficult to headshot key HQs. Meanwhile, double turn itself is less likely to happen. The bad match up for SCE now become more desperate. In one word, I just don't believe somebody's comment SCE can get a good chance in beating LoN and Seraphon. I know some tournament champion might support that, but we also champions that prove this is not ture. In my opinion if we both use popular list (LoN Reapers + Nec with heavy protection, Seraphon Skywatch and SCE Gav bomb) the chance for SCE to win is below 25%. That was the root cause why I think it is 'bad in tournament', I am not saying it is 'in general too weak'.
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