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Prosecutor with grand weapon



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The answer to this is in the unit description section. Units are armed with either 2 Celestial Hammers, or 1 Celestial Hammer and a Sigmarite Shield. 1 in 3 may INSTEAD (emphasis mine) be armed with a... Grandblade. This tells us that if a model has a Grandblade, they do not have any attacks from their Celestial Hammers - if we look at the weapons chart area we can see the ranged attack is only available to models with a Celestial Hammer.

So a Prime with a Grandblade makes 3 attacks rather than 2 (per the warscroll description of the unit leader bonus), but they lose the shooting attack as they are no longer equipped with a Celestial Hammer.

Background justification: Prosecutors throw their celestial hammers which are then recreated with bolts of lightning, rather than the bolts of lightning being summoned in absentia of an actual weapon attack.

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The Unit Description is a key part of any warscroll and it is common to see it as intro fluff. It often tells us the make up of any given unit, as well what the leader model gains (+1 attack, for example).

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