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Winds of Magic for Age of Sigmar 1.2.0

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About This File

Hi everybody,

This is a house rule I made in order to enrich magic in the game, taking inspiration from the old 8th edition winds of magic phase. I also added new spells for each grand alliance that are supposed to be the high risk/high reward spells you want to use when you have a lot of power dice and little spell slots to use. 

I tried to make the rules so that you don't need to change anything from any warscroll and all the spells already available (and also those that are going to be released next) should work perfectly.

Please try this in your games if you are interested, and let me know if any balancing problem occurs, the rules are still in an early version and I had the chance to play only a few games with it myself.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys, happy wargaming,


What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


Corrected some errors, added some lines to increase clarity. Reduced malus for dispelling with no wizard to -1 (from -2 previously).

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