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  1. Laerethian

    Legions of Nagash: Battle Reports

    Hi guys, Here's some reports from a 3-games tournament I did last sunday. My list: Nagash: Orb, Transference, soul harvest Necromancer: Overwhelming dread, Tomb sand Hourglass 2 Morghast Harbringers (double swords, just have those models ) 30 Grave guards 20 skellies 20 skellies 3 spirit hosts The idea behind this was to focus everything on the summonable units, that would revive soooo much thanks to nagash and the tombs, Nagash is packed with spells that could heal him, so that he can sustain himself. Before going into the reports, let's say I won the tournament, with 3 wins, but I still have some doubts about Nagash in a competitive way. 1st GAME: vs Kharadrons (1 Ironclad, 2 Chemists, 6 Skywardens with drill-cannons and other troops, 20 fyreslayers with priest. He could pop anywhere in the map with almost his entire army) Those little dwarfs can shoot I was VERY lucky, and managed to keep Nagash alive for 2 turns. He managed to crush an Ironclad and 2 heroes, together with many troops before dying, and he also gave me the VP that made me win the game. But I admit it, I was too lucky, my opponent couldn't believe my rolls. Against a shooting force like the one I had to face, Death is still very vulnerable, even with all the healing. And after Nagash dies, the army can't sustain a lot. I won the game, but was wiped out of the board. 2nd GAME: vs High Elves (3 units of phoenix guards, 1 cryo phoenix, 1 pyro phoenix, 1 ballista, 2 heroes and some sea guards) This was very easy. He had almost no rend in his army, even though the guards are really hard to kill (4+ and 4+ save), they could do nothing against a 2+ save (rerolling 1s) Nagash. The phoenix tryed to charge Nagash, but he 1shot the pyro one in combat, and sniped the other with spells and his lazer gaze. His ballista was too far from the center of the board, so Nagash was untouched by it. 3rd GAME: vs Legion of Sacrament! (Arkhan, mortis machine, 2 necros, 40 skellies, 60 zombies, 1 corpse cart, 1 wight king, 40 skellies with spears, some bats) This was funny. We checked the book, and Nagash knew Arkhan's spells!!!! Needles to say, I spammed curse of time as much as I could. Managed to blow up the bats, but then not much else. This time I won thanks to the superior command ability from Nagash, and the grave guards who chewed all the zombies in 2 rounds of combat. It was funny, because with all his buffs, Arkhan was casting with a +5, so I rarely managed to dispel anything of his. Anyway, I won thanks to a fast objective taking, thanks to summoning (which he did not capitalized on). So... I still think that Nagash is not that much competitive. Yes, he's a beast, and now he's worth his 800 points. But there are still too many ways he can be melted, especially by shooting. His healing spells are not so effective, so he normally doesn't heal too many wounds in one turn. My current thinking is that the most competitive list is something with Mannfred, VLOZD and some Vargheists. You make them ambush and destroy the sides of the enemy's army, while keeping them safe from early game shooting. I'm also going to try an Arkhan list too, giving to the VLOZD the shroud of darkness, to protect him from shooting.
  2. Laerethian

    Let's Chat Dispossessed

    I wasn't really impressed tbh... Other factions got better reworks (Free People in particular, they have awesome battle traits and general traits). GW basically copied and pasted the rules from the Grudgebound War Throng, which is acceptable, if we considered that it was pretty unplayable in 2000 points. But come on, at least give us a new and easier battallion, like for fyreslayers... At least they got points right
  3. Laerethian

    HOUSE RULES - Magic

    OK now I get it. And I agree with you, I should probably clarify in the document that what you say is actually what can be done. I introduced the 'magic phase' for clarity with the power dice rolling, but now that I see it with another perspective, I notice that I could have done it better. I'll modify the file asap, thanks!
  4. Laerethian

    HOUSE RULES - Magic

    I don't get it, in the core rules you already cast spells during the Hero Phase. I just specified a different sub-phase in order to get more clarity. At the moment you already can combine spells and abilities as you want.
  5. Laerethian

    HOUSE RULES - Magic

    Interesting, I will surely give it a try. It still misses what I enjoyed about the old magic phase though, which is the minigame of dice managing and bluffing with your opponent.
  6. Laerethian

    Winds of Magic for Age of Sigmar

    Version 1.2.0


    Hi everybody, This is a house rule I made in order to enrich magic in the game, taking inspiration from the old 8th edition winds of magic phase. I also added new spells for each grand alliance that are supposed to be the high risk/high reward spells you want to use when you have a lot of power dice and little spell slots to use. I tried to make the rules so that you don't need to change anything from any warscroll and all the spells already available (and also those that are going to be released next) should work perfectly. Please try this in your games if you are interested, and let me know if any balancing problem occurs, the rules are still in an early version and I had the chance to play only a few games with it myself. Looking forward to hearing from you guys, happy wargaming, Laerethian
  7. Just finished reading the rules for Hinterlands campaigns. Very intrigued, I'm looking forward to playing some games, I even shared it with the community that plays in my town
  8. Laerethian

    HOUSE RULES - Magic

    Yes, I enjoyed the Power Dice minigame in 8th ed, so I tried to fit it to the new rules! Can you please link me these house rules you talk about, I would be very interested in trying them. That's a nice idea, but very intrusive towards the core rules if I understood it correctly. Each spell would need an explanation on what to increase in their specific effect, unless that counts only for range, casting value, etc.
  9. Laerethian

    HOUSE RULES - Magic

    Nice to hear some comments if possible I'd like to answer. I agree simplicity is AoS's strongest feature, and that's why i tried to stay as close as possible to the core set. My rules are simple if you think about it. It's obvious that I had to add some stuff, but the addition is minimal, if you take only the rules, with the new spells, it's less than a page long. I don't know how much scenery you play with, but I very rarely see any dispel attempt during a game, it's way too convenient to just stay back and hide and let the opponent do the same. Some armies that don't have magic (e. g. dwarfs) are very impotent about it. In my personal opinion this is a negative aspect. I agree that there should be more spells, but in order to fit as closely as possible with the core rules I preferred to add as few things as possible (again to keep the game simple). This said, I hope you can try maybe some games with the system and feedback to me, maybe you could find them better as playing than just by reading them
  10. Laerethian

    HOUSE RULES - Magic

    Nice to hear that, let me know if you find the other changes fine too
  11. Laerethian

    HOUSE RULES - Magic

    Hi I'd like to share with you guys my personal take on magic for AoS. They are house rules I made in order to make the magic a little bit more challenging and fun. I personally find it flat and think it should be one of the first thing GW should fix in the next releases of the game. But until that happens, I hope you will find my house rules fun and as balanced as possible. Keep in mind that this IS a critic at the current rules, but that I'm in no way a hater and that I play Age of Sigmar without any problem with its standard rules, so please no hate, I'd love to hear rational and well thought impressions. Bye bye and have a good read, Laerethian EDIT New version with some corrections and changes available, just follow this link to the file page: http://www.tga.community/files/file/25-winds-of-magic-for-age-of-sigmar/
  12. Laerethian

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm Laerethian, logging in the forum for the first time. I currently play AoS in the store next to my place and at home. I own lots of models, since i used to play previous edition of Wharhammer too. But at the moment i play lots of Death and sometimes some Duardins. I logged in the forum to share impressions and thoughts about house rules that can make the game even more enjoyable than it is now (since let's admit it, there are many things that can be improved). I'm going to open a new thread where it is suitable with some house rules i created for magic, if you want to give it a read and try them I would be very happy to hear your impressions. See ya, Laerethian