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When I first played Age of Sigmar, I wasn't super impressed (obviously I've come around since then).  I was trying to play it like Warhammer Fantasy, and it isn't Warhammer Fantasy.  A few months later, I came back to it, but this time with a set of rules to make it Warhammer Fantasy, but without violating the things that made it Age of Sigmar.  There were things I missed like miscasts, artillery dice, and ranked infantry.  So I played AoS with the first page of these rules for a good little while, and then recently went back, made some revisions, and added a second page that includes challenges, mysterious terrain (and/or alternative terrain), and magic items.  I hope that these rules can be a fun throwback as well as a way to ease old players from Warhammer to Age of Sigmar without trying to leave everything behind.




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