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Lords of War Tournament




Yesterday was the Lords of War tournament run by Scott Reed and hosted by At Ease Games in San Diego. We had 10 players show up for a one day three round event.

The tables were beautiful. At Ease Games has a bunch of F.A.T Mats from Frontline Gaming and a huge range of terrain. On a given day At Ease Games can accommodate at least 10 6’x4′ mats with a ton of terrain.



Scott, the Tournament Organizer (T.O.), utilized bestcoastpairings.com for registration and matchups. The program allows the T.O. to track results which in turn automates the next round’s matchups. It was a pretty sweet system once the program was figured out.

After matchups were set a scenario was pulled out of a hat that every table played. This format put everyone on an equal scoring system. The only variables being army lists and terrain.

After the first round there was a break for lunch and exhibition for the painting competition. Every player laid out their favorite models/units they wanted voted on by their fellow players. There was one entry allowed for the following categories; Behemoth, Artillery, Leader/Unit. This was a nice pause since we had some food catered in as part of the signup cost and we got to chit chat about the first game we played.


At the end of the tournament Scott had an awards ceremony. He had certificates for the winners of each painting category, a player voted Best Sportsman award, and certificates for 1st-3rd place. Some of the certificates came with store credit from At Ease Games and those who placed also recieved a gift certifiacte from our sponsors Powered Play Gaming. Powered Play Gaming sells LED kits for wargamers. I am seriously looking at their Video Display that can be modeled into a Sci-Fi billboard.

I saved the best for last… the results. Yours truly won the event overall with two major victories and  a minor loss. My loss came game one and I spent the next two playing to have fun and to give my opponent a good match. The powers of the Blightguard led by The Glotkin proved to be too much in the end.

  • 1st-Greg H.
  • 2nd-James C.
  • 3rd-Mike F.
  • Sportsman-Donovan S.
  • Best Painted Behemoth-Darrel C.
  • Best Painted Artillery-Mike F.
  • Best Painted Leader/Unit-Paul D.



Thank you to our sponsors, Scott, and the players for making this such a wonderful event!


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