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Green Tower Games ITC Battlehost Tournament Recap



Yesterday was the Age of Sigmar Battlehost Tournament at Green Tower Games in Santa Clarita, CA. The event had 8 players show up for a one day 3 round scrap.

Once again I brought my Nurgle Rotbringers led by The Glotkin. There was another Chaos Nurgle, Tzeentch Slave to Darkness, Skaven, Stormcast Eternals, Ghoul Kings, Duardin Dispossessed, and Bretonnians armies present.


The rounds drew the following scenarios: Escalation, Gifts from the Heavens, and Blood and Glory.

I was paired with Ian and his Stormcast Eternals for game one. It was his first game of AoS ever! I knew I had a hard list and I was pretty familiar with his. As the game went along I was telling Ian what I was thinking and planning and why. Sometimes I would get a turn ahead in my thoughts so he could better understand the scenario. I won the game and it was a blast. Ian was super fun to play and couple of dice rolls went my way securing the victory.

For round two I drew Tyler and his Bretonnians. I had played this army once last year when AoS first kicked off and wasn’t very sure how this army works. Let me tell you this; 9 Pegasus Knights buffed by a Fay Enchantress and Damsel of the Lady are brutal. The Pegasus Knights had a plus 2 to hit and Mystic Shield from the Fay Enchantress along with a 5+ invuln save from the Damsel. I deferred turn one and the unit of 9 Pegasus Knights charged right into my center line. They deleted a unit of Chaos Warriors. I then piled in with 5 Putrid Blightkings and didn’t do any damage. The Pegasus Knights then got a second activation and killed 4 of my Blightkings! I had to spend the next two turns focussing over half of my army these guys causing me to neglect the objective that fell on my right flank ( where I didn’t deploy well). Through a good deployment and speed Tyler was able to contest my objective from turn 3 until the end of the game. He did really great with his army and deployment and won a well deserved major victory.

My final game was against Mike and his Skaven which made this our 3rd tournament matchup in a row. We both knew each other’s armies really well. This game turned into a slugfest right from turn 1. Mike tunneled in on my right flank and with his warp flame units and Warp Lighting Cannons I started taking a TON of mortal wounds. I was able to get some good charges off on my turn 1 and start cleaning up the infiltrators. Then I got the double turn to start turn two and was able to get my Warriors of Chaos across the battlefield and engaged in the 2 Warp Lightning Cannons. There was a lot of back and forth and Mike killed of The Glotkin around turn 3. We drew on the objectives and had to count points destroyed. He killed 1680 points to my 1460 and earned a minor victory. Once again my matchup against Mike turned into one of the best games of AoS I have played to date.



Finally here are the results:

  • Tyler (Brettonnians)-Best General
  • Zach (Nurgle)-Best Painted
  • Ian (Stormacast Eternal)-Best Sportsmanship

Green Tower Games had some killer prizes. Tyler won a Start Collecting box of his choice! Zach won the new Gorechosen game, and Ian won $20 in store credit.

Thanks to Green Tower Games and Austin for putting this together! The venue was great and the players were even better. It is always awesome to meet and play awesome gamers.

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