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Forged by Lightning...



Update time!

Today is a double whammy. Intro post as well as some actual content!

So here are my Stormcast Eternals. they aren't much but they are mine. I painted them in a very typical paint scheme, never having used metallic gold before I thought it would be a good opportunity to mess around with some new colours.


I learned a lot from working on these models. It gave me a chance to practice edge highlighting in a way that was pretty forgiving. I also got to expand my colour selection and work on building bright colours up from dark ones. I still have to finish their basing (shade and dry brush), the prosecutors still need some gold highlights and Ionous needs about an hour or two of work, but they are done enough to post. I have two more figures at the moment base coated that I will get to eventually, I also have the Bloodborn side of the starter box to work on, and my special new project...

- Goodapollo4

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7 hours ago, Lucifer said:

Very nice -classic scheme well executed,  what is next for the force?

I'm thinking of getting the expansion set at some point, I would like 2 groups of Judicators backing up the Liberators. Aside from that, maybe a Celestant Prime and I'd be pretty content with my Stormcast...although, that Stardrake tho...

4 hours ago, dea said:

Great work!



2 hours ago, cb_rex said:

Good work, it's nice to see the full starter set getting all painted up.

It will be nice when I get the Khorne side painted up too, feels good to have a nice consistent boxed set done though :) 

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