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Fort Ironfist




The fort stood on a spire of grey, weathered rock. It was made from huge slabs of black marble, and the walls were covered in arrow-slits. The main keep stood high above the surrounding forest like a gargant in a desert. Next to the keep was a smaller tower, and, lower still was a mighty wall. A golden door was sat firmly into the black marble, and stone steps were carved out of the rocky spire underneath. 

Huge thunderclouds were hanging above the fort, as dark as the black marble walls. Flashes of lightning could be seen traversing the clouds, and, sometimes even striking the keep. Around the fort lay the Whisperwhile forest. It was a great expanse of lush, green flora, and soaring trees as far as the eye could see, but the fort towered above them all. Fort Ironfist it was called, named after Koronus Ironfist, lord celestant of the Ironfists Warrior chamber.





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