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Back to the Mortal Realms



Last year was great. I painted up a full army, I attended my first and second tournament ever. GW decided to ditch the old persona and began the great process of renewal. My commission painting company grew in clients and painters, all in all things are good.

I played more games last year than the past three, but still not nearly enough (there's never enough gaming).

After my last tournament I was a little burned out. I cant stress enough I really enjoyed the events I went to and will definitely will be looking to attend some events again in 2017.  Matched play is a great way to play and for many fellow gamers/hobbyists it covers all their needs. for me though I found I enjoyed the events and the social aspect of meeting new people, but there's still a little bit missing.

I'm a creative person. I love coming up with and reading the background and stories, and really just solely playing matched play games for me is limiting what I want to achieve with my gaming.

So new year has come and with it a new project. My goal for the year to come is to definitely start exploring the narrative side of the game. I've recruited and reforged a few anti Aos friends to do a simple slow grow path to glory/1000pts. in the next few weeks i'm going to attempt a small campaign write up, and hopefully fingers crossed my friends will stay focused enough to get some games in.

My first project for the year is Sylvaneth. I did technically start this last year, but you can forgive me for having a little break. I wanted to push the standard of this project to something as high as I could without it becoming too detailed and unobtainable. I have been quite strict in what I plan to paint so not to get distracted or overwhelmed.

My project is as follows

20 dryads two x ten with slightly different schemes

five Tree Revenants


Treelord Ancient

Three Kurnoth Hunters


Four Sylvaneth wyldwoods  

As always many thanks for reading,  comments and questions are always welcome.

until next time.


Now for some pics of what I've completed already. 











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Your painting ability is truly outstanding. I loved your Death army and am already blown away by your Sylvaneth units. They are clean and smooth like the 'Eavy Metal teams models but I think these are to an even higher standard. Will you be entering Golden Demon this year? I think if you made a scenic base for the Dyrads you would have a very good chance in the unit category.

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Thanks for the compliment. I don't really enjoy painting for competition so i've never thought about Golden Demon. If someone commissioned me to do Golden Demon then I'd probably be more interested :).


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Paint job looks incredibly clean and crisp - excellent work. Plus your pics are really nice too which helps sell your work - can I ask did you use a phone or camera to take them?

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2 hours ago, MasterM said:

Paint job looks incredibly clean and crisp - excellent work. Plus your pics are really nice too which helps sell your work - can I ask did you use a phone or camera to take them?

I used an old digital camera. I really need to upgrade my set up, I've just bought a new background today as the one I've used for the Sylvaneth is ever so slightly blue.

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