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Battle Two - 2000 pt Matched Play Event



Battle Two was against Jack's Beastclaw Raiders. In this game I got tabled :)

This scenario is blood and glory; we both deploy the majority of our forces down one flank with the other flank getting only one unit of crypt horrors, with the unit of 30 ghouls hanging back to secure the objective in my half.

I mostly suffer here from not understanding Beastclaw raiders! In the first turn the hunter pops up with his dogs and puts a ridiculous 8 wounds on the gkozd with his bow. Dogs charge in and chip off a few more wounds. The zombie dragon eventually clears them up but ends up with a low number of wounds left and by the time it gets charged by the horrid thing on thindertusk it has no chance. 

A unit of crypt horrors put 8 wounds on another thundertusk, but then fail to do much else before getting wiped off.

I bring in the Mourngul which does nothing in the first turn but does get a charge off in the second turn on a thundertusk. Unfortunately I opt to not go first with it, thinking it will be fairly hardy on a 3+ save. Jack gets four hits on it with a damage three or two weapon, I roll 2 2's and 2 1's and the Mourngul goes off immediately.

The horrors are wiped out before the courtier gets a hero phase to regenerate them then Jack wins the priority roll and from here on it's basically just cleanup. The only chance I have is of some thundertusks rolling 1's near deadly terrain, which they don't.

Next time I will go first with the Mourngul to try and chip some wounds off the thundertusk and reduce its effectiveness a bit. I also need to actually make some saves! Maybe mystic shield on the Mourngul isn't so evil....

Next up: Warrior Brotherhood

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