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Tournament Report - Imps Gaming Jan - Matched Play



So I thought since I've done little painting and more playing I would put some battle reports up here, and since we just completed a three game tournament this would be a good place to start.

I took a Flesh Eaters army with a Mounrngul friend. The list was Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon, Crypt Haunter Courtier (General, Summoning Sword),  Another Haunter, 2 x 6 crypt ghouls and a unit of 30 ghouls. First turn summon the Mourngul with the sword.

Battle One - Lee Bromley (FEC) - Gift From the Heavens

A FEC off to start with, we managed to get to turn two in this game due to the sheer amount of saves and grinding going on. I took first turn and moved up conservatively, waiting for the comet to land and summoned in the Mourngul in the middle of the field to try and pin Lee's unit or Crypt Horrors - failed his charge of course but that's par for the course. 

Lee YOLOd his Ghoul King on Terrorgheist into my general who amazingly managed to stay alive for the entire game and then GHOUL PATROLLED at which point I realised I'd over committed forwards. Lee's crypt horrors did 8 wounds to the Mourngul on turn one, it failed to do a single wound back. Lee also charged his Zombie Dragon into mine which managed to slug it out for two combat rounds, and kept the horrors and the courtier on the other side of the table nicely pinned in combat.

Second turn Lee got priority and his comet fell nicely next to his Vargulf. Battle continues and the Terrorgheist proceeds to batter the courtier general but he remarkably survives on one wound. The block of 30 ghouls also pile in to the Terrorgheist, doing more wounds to it than the courtier. The Mourngul is dragon breathed to pieces leaving Lee's horrors free to charge mine and continue to pin them in my territory. Both zombie dragons slug it out. Many saves are rolled.

My second (and last) turn - my comet lands mercifully in the middle of the table, where the tail end of a bunch of ghouls are sat and none of Lee's models are. There is more grind, some horrors come back, some die, more ghouls die. In the end it's a minor win to Lee on kill points as we both scored only one turn on the objective before time. Lee is a great opponent but two death armies makes for a lot of dice!

Minor Loss - scored 700 points. 

Lessons learned - more Ghoul Kings required for the support. Any newly bought unpainted model (the Mourngul) is going down.

Next up: Jack and his beastclaw raiders (the Mourngul does not redeem itself)

Next time I need more pictures

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