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Krell, Mortarch of Despair

Darth Alec



I've finished Krell, and with that Clear the Backlog: Phase 2!




Krell is progably one of my favorite models. It's big, tough and looks deadly. Krell seriously looks like he'd turn any opponent into several small pieces. Fun fact, this is the last of the "classic" VC character models in my collection. Some clear evidence of progress there. I actually put him together more than a year ago, but never got around to him. Now I'm only really missing Arkhan, and I'll have all the End Times undead characters as well. He'll look amazing leading my Deathrattle hordes in future games.




As far as painting goes, he's pretty standard. Purple armour as usual, gold as usual. The only interesting parts on my end were the cloak, the crest and the fur. The cloak is rakarth flesh with a wash of reikland flesh. Add short lines of rakarth over that. Don't do a full layer, just nice soft lines. Do an extra highlight of pallid wych flesh to draw the eye. I struggled a bit with the crest. Most have painted it either entirely black, or red. I didn't want it just black, because that's just a little dull. It can also look super stiff. Red is also out. Red is only used on vampiric models in my army, it's one of the few unifying elements for them. So I went with this black-and-white scheme, inspired by ancient roman/greek crests. it makes it clearer that it's a crest, whilst giving him a unique look. The white is celestra grey, ulthuan grey (remember to thing your paints), thinned nuln oil, and white.





As for the fur, I wasn't entirely sure what to do. Haven't really painted fur for a long time. So I went with browns and washes. Doombull brown with a simple highlight of Gorthor brown. Wash it with agrax, then highlight with steel legion drab, IIRC. Not sure if I'm pleased with it, but it works.





And to finish Phase 2, 10 skeletons. These guys are tabletop at best. I've now painted 60 skeletons, and it's getting a bit dull! As these guys are going into a unit of 40, I couldn't quite keep the motivation to paint them super well. But they are finished! Completing this phase of my backlog-clearing project.


I'm nowhere near done with my Death models. However, I'm shifting gears towards a new (old) force. Expect to see some of it in the next update!




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