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I'm working on another blog post and intend to post some more WIP skellies and Necromancer soon.  But, Since it's been a bit, I figured I'd drop some picks of another of my favorite armies.  I'm on and off with Tomb Kings....

I wanted to make an army of them for WHFB, but had problems staying motivated for a number of reasons.  Among which were the rules bloat, balance issuse, the number of models needed to play, and not having the time to play...

Once AoS hit, I still wanted to finish my army, but I find it difficult.  There are still units I need, but the expense of purchasing them has gotten ridiculous.  So, again I find it hard to get motivated to paint my Tomb Kings... I'm sure I'll finish them up someday, but I'm not so sure they will ever really see the table, which is a damn shame.


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