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The noose tightens

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Artobans Ghost


Krasbog was really hurt. He was happy with the victory and thinking that he should expand his work. Time to bring in his good smashin buddy Shivertooth  and his heavier fist while he healed and waited for the bulk of his Squig army to muster. 
His plan was dead cunnin. Let Shivertooth maul the Duardin force, bleed himself silly and maybe if he was lucky, find his head rolling down the gutter. Nottin simpler. The survivors of both armies would make a fine bbq while they moved in. 
The target area was a more densely urbanized section of Rubyville on its way to the Fort. Streets of Death should work here. 
I’m planning 1900 points each but also thinking that’s a bit much for this new scenario. May cut it to 1000-1500 instead. 
Using the Shattered City battle plan. 5 objectives. 1st player to reach 10 VP wins. 1-2 pts ahead minor victory, 3+ major. Each turn add up the wounds. Whoever has more wins 2 vp, if majority of objectives are owned, another 3 vp’s per turn. 
May not get to this until the weekend. 


Streets of Death rules. 

Duardin forces :

Lodge of the Maddening Whorl  - Order - 1420 pts

Warden King - 1
Unforged - 1

Longbeards - 10
Longbeards - 10
Longbeards - 10
Longbeards - 10

Flame Cannon - 1

Thunderers - 10
Miners - 10
Doomseeker - 1
Doomseeker - 1
Doomseeker - 1
Doomseeker - 1


Shivertooth’s Streamroller  - Big Waagh - 1490 pts

War boss on a Wyvern
War boss 

Orruks - 10
Orruks - 10
Orruks - 10
Orruks - 10
Ardboys - 10
Ardboys - 10

Ardfist Battalion 

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