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Matorea is Attacked

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Artobans Ghost


I had a meeting engagement with about 990 pts each of Gloomspite against CoS

Krasbog is the Loonboss on a Squig and General LaTouche is the freeguild General on a griffon. 

Time for a proper (if not smaller) bashin. Don’t feel like using the Fort just yet. This will be a vanguard of the mushroom popping squigs of Krasbog. I’ll call it his welcoming committee. 

  • The Rubyville Auxiliaries are going out to meet them. Kind of on the outskirts of town. Some farms and what was a holy site that received the gentle attentions of our respectful local Gitz. 

    Protagonists: Rubyville Auxiliaries 
    Free guild General on a Griffon
    Hand gunners - 10
    Swordsman - 10
    Spear men - 10
    Flagellants - 10
    Longbeards - 10
    Shadow warriors- 10

    Antagonists : Krasbog’s Welcome Commitee
    Loonboss on a giant Squig
    Madcap Shaman
    Shootas - 20
    Stabbas - 20
    Squig herd - 6
    Squig herd - 6
    Squig herd - 6
    Boingrots - 5
    Boingrots - 5
    Rockgut Trolls - 3

    Both at 990 pts using the total conquest battle plan.




The set up area of the field is divided from 0” to 24” on an angle along the 6’ length. Seeing as the Gitz have already renovated the holy building, they get to start in it. There are 4 objectives in roughly each corner. Time to fight it out. 


Shadow warriors used their ability and showed up behind the ruins. Took out a Squig herd and then received a full on Boingrot charge. Those guys on the charge hurt little elflings! Between their stomp equivalent, charge attacks and battle shock, the unit evaporated. 
The trolls came pounding out of the ruins into the swords men, reduced them to 2 guys. Overall, not a good start. 
Used the hand of gork to move some more Boingrots to within charge radius of the longbeards but they failed their charge thankfully. Moved my grot shootas up to take possession of the objective. 


GT 2

Loonboss and the flagellants get into it. Both have taken major damage. Might retreat my boss outa there. 1 wound left. 
Charged my free guild general into the trolls after shooting them up a bit with the hand rifles. Oh ya, they mopped up the swordsmen first and allowed me to shoot em. The trolls are down to one guy. No wounds on my general. That battle area’s perspective is changed again. 
The Boingrots are coming up and that might change things.
My shootas moved up to ping away at the longbeards but the hellblaster made the difference. Chancing 3 barrels, gave em 5 wounds. 
The other Boingrots smashed into the longbeards but they are a heck of a lot tougher than those elves. Took shooting, stomping, charge by Squig and rider and still 2 of them standing. 
Hand of gork went nowhere this time. It’s going to have to happen next turn though. 



GT -3 - Freeguild General with the aid of the last 3 flagellants, take out the troll and Krasbog runs away. Still alive, he figured he’s worth more alive at this point. The Boingrots charge in but after inflicting 9 wounds are driven of by the General in a horrible case of battle shock.  Still not close enough to take possession of the objective yet. 
The last of the longbeards are laid low. And the Squig herd hiding behind the middle house makes a run for the hand gunners / objective. I think their fate is sealed as well. 
The madcap shaman having to use his ability, gets hand of gork off and teleports the other Squig herd behind the hellblaster. It’s torn between 3 targets but must choose the herd behind them. 3 barrels and a misfire later, it sits still on the field. The shootas knock off 3 wounds and the misfire counts for 4. Not good. The hand gunners wheel about and take a shot at the teleported squigs and down 2. Not enough even with battleshock. 
Score is Gitz 5 CoS 3


GT - 4 - Krasbog’s keeps running behind the scuttlings. Quite ok with them being tenderized by the flagellants. The shaman flubs his arcane bolt and the crew hides successfully behind the gun again but it will do them no good when the squigs rush in. Making them snacks, they redirect towards the well objective. The Boingrots slam into the spear men killing 4 and sending 4 packing. Thought that was it but the spearmen got one wound off, finished one Boingrot and the rest fled in battle shock by rolling a 6. You never know. 
Free guild general retreated to the most contested objective to wait out the battle and think about his near death experience. 
Going to call it there with both generals still living and getting a taste for the enemy. Solid victory for the smelly grots 7-4 bug Krasbog is near death as well. Time to recoup and regroup. 
I like the smaller groups I think and more objectives spread out the units. Doesn’t quite look like a metal mosh pit this time😺



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