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The Great Bray Shamen – Maogthoz & Knarkar

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Maogthoz has been the baleful adviser to Molgrur for the longest time and is the army’s main spell caster and Morghur worshipper, slaughtering goats and bellowing incantations to whip the herds into a frenzy. His chaotic arcane powers allow him to control plant life as well as the herd and many a Hero has found himself caught in the stranglethorns, pierced with a thousand pin pricks, bleeding to death as their fellow soldiers try to cut them out.

Knarkar is a more recent addition to the herd after heeding the calls and the deep bleated bellows of Molgrur as he led The Mutilating Brayscourge into one of their many battles and he has taken on the role of Ghorgon keeper. He runs alongside Hellmaw or Nightfury, sometimes both, blasting them with Chaos energy until they rage with a Titanic Fury.

Together, they are as revered as much as Molgrur is feared, and the herd members will cower away as these Shamen pass amongst their ranks, their aura warping everything that it flows over, beast and plant life alike. It is only during battle that they the herd will look up to them as they chant and command the raising of the Herdstones, with the Ungors and Gors even lining up to sacrifice themselves to Morghur.


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