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Water and Lava

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This one is going to be our last one, I'm afraid, or at least for a while, I am starting to make a new diorama for armies on parade at the moment, but it is at very early stages. I have not included the part about the tower yet, and stuff like that because I did not take any good pictures for it. I may do another little outro as my next piece with the completed thing, but anyway let's get on with making the water and the lava.


Then I started to do my water feature which was a complete tale of woe. I started to pour the liquid into a pot then I mixed it with orange and yellow paint to make it look like lava and I poured it into the pool. Sadly the foam absorbed it and I wasted loads of the expensive water resin. I asked my friend and he said I should put PVA glue as a protective layer. Then I persevered, tried again and poured it in and guess what? It went wrong again, it cracked as it said in the bottle if I put it too thickly, WHICH I DIDN’T!!!! I asked my friend and he said it probably didn’t react well with the foam, but he also said it looked pretty cool and lava-like so I just continued with my fingers crossed. Luckily it worked!



My friend said that I should add a water section to contrast the lava. Since then I added a pond and fountain coming out of a shell. I was thinking that if I let it just be clear water it wouldn’t get the effect of water so I created a milky blue colour by mixing dark blue with lots of white. When it was dry (it takes 24 hours between layers) I put a clear layer of the water resin to look like water. I also added a bit of paint around the shell and created a halo or glow coming from the shell. Then I created a fountain effect by putting some clear resin and wait until it dried. Then I cut a strip and put it onto the half-dried clear layer and then when it was dry I added some more water resin onto the top and bottom and it is finished as a sort of omni-flowing fountain.



Above is the strip put into the half-dried fountain and to the left is the part which I cut to create this fountain. (I got this idea from the video of how to use “Vallejo water effect” on Youtube) And also you can see the glowing effect around the shell above.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and as I said earlier, it's not over, just not happening for a while. I may start another blog though about my models, so if you're interested leave a comment about how it should be. Also check out my other blog where I am playing a solo campaign on this battlefield. You can find it here.

I hope that you enjoyed this!

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