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Skaventide vs Seraphon - Shifting Objectives

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My list:


Allegiance: Skaventide
Mortal Realm: Ulgu

Grey Seer (140)
- General
- Trait: Master of Magic
- Lore of Ruin: Skitterleap
Arch-Warlock (160)
- Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: Chain Warp Lightning
Verminlord Warpseer (300)
Verminlord Corruptor (280)
- Artefact: Sword of Judgement
Verminlord Deceiver (300)

40 x Clanrats (200)
- Rusty Blade
40 x Clanrats (200)
- Rusty Blade
20 x Clanrats (120)
- Rusty Blade

Endless Spells / Terrain
Warp Lightning Vortex (100)
Vermintide (40)
Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (60)
Aethervoid Pendulum (50)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 147

Their List


Allegiance: Seraphon
Mortal Realm: Ghyran

Slann Starmaster (260)
- General
- Trait: Great Rememberer
- Artefact: Verdant Mantle
- Spell: Meteoric Convocation
Saurus Sunblood (120)
- Artefact: Ghyrstrike
Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur (240)
- Warblade
Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur (240)
- Artefact: Blade of Realities
Engine of the Gods (240)
Skink Starpriest (80)
- Spell: Stellar Tempest

5 x Saurus Knights (80)
- Lances
5 x Saurus Knights (80)
- Lances
5 x Saurus Knights (80)
- Lances

3 x Razordons (120)

Firelance Starhost (150)
Dracothion's Tail (80)

Endless Spells / Terrain
Chronomantic Cogs (80)
Purple Sun of Shyish (50)
Prismatic Palisade (30)

Total: 1980 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 3
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 91

I'm given first turn, and what a turn it was; only Vermintide goes off, everything just 1 short or is unbound thanks to the board-wide unbinds. I can't really do anything but zone out and move all the Clanrats onto the objectives, claiming all of them.

He gets cogs out as well as the Purple Sun into the left Clanrats (my unit of 20) but only kills a couple and he teleports his Slann to the top right side of the table. Half his army was in the heavens, but everything was brought down now and the Sunblood and Scar-Vet charge the Warpseer. Now, I intentionally left a small gap here with the Clanrat screen to hopefully bait him into attacking the Warpseer, which worked out. In this particular list, the Warpseer is great for the extra CP and BS bubble, but hardly necessary for this list to work well, as great as Warpgale is I would rather the Warpseer die than any of the other heroes. Anyway, the Sunblood and Scar-Vet only manage to get 1 wound through on the Warpseer and he capped no objectives as the Knight units didn't have the damage output to remove enough Clanrats off the objectives.

5-0 Skaven



He gets a double-turn, so I decide to move the Purple Sun back into his Knights and Starpriest on the left, killing a Knight. He teleports the Starpriest to attempt Stellar Tempest but fails and teleports back. The Slann summons in Skinks to screen from the Corruptor while the Old-Blood on Carno manages to get into the Warpseer and with the combined effort of both Carnos + Sunblood manages to kill the Warpseer. He again fails to take any objectives.

Here is where the list shines, and everything worked out exactly as it needed to. Every spell goes off and absolutely decimates his army. I Skitterleap and cast WLV right on top of the EotG, Starpriest and Knights to kill the Starpriest and (with it going off in movement phase again) take around half off the EotG. I can't find a decent spot for the Corruptor since WLV pretty much decided the left side on it's own, so I just decide to Dreaded Skitterleap it closer to the Carnos and Sunblood for a 6" charge over the 8" if I moved normally. Pendulum, Geminids and Arcane Bolt all go off and right into his 3 Heroes, finishing the Scar-Vet off and Sunblood. The Corruptor charges the Old-Blood, pops his CA and rolls two 6's for the SoJ, which both roll a 6 to kill it. I send the Deceiver to deal with the right side and it charges into the Knights to kill 2 while the Clanrats retreat + charged to barely pull in the Razordons and reform tighter around the objective.

I win priority for T3 and we call it there as he has nothing left but a half dead EotG, Slann and some Skinks + Razordons.

10-0 Skaven Major Victory

Overall Thoughts
As I've said time and time again, this is one of my favorite lists to run, but you can see from my first turn it can be risky. Unlike Tzeentch or LoN, you only have re-rolls coming from the AW and everything else is only getting a +1 from a Gnawhole; after T1 and you move away from them you have a more difficult time, not counting the Grey Seers 3d6 roll. On the flipside of this, with 100 Clanrats you can make this work to your advantage depending on what army you play. I knew I would need to play it back until I got my next turn and with no clue where he would drop anything, I had to move everything accordingly to shut off as much teleporting\summoning into my backline, barring the Warpseer which I had hoped he would go for... not that I gave him many other options other than hitting the Clanrats to clear them off the objective, which we discussed afterwards.

I like to call this my less competitive list since it relies heavily on both Skitterleaps, WLV and Gemininds\Pendulum going off to cause any harm to be done. If those don't work out like my T1, you generally have to sit back and wait until your next turn. Anyway, still fun but I doubt I would ever bring it to any serious tournament, though it does tend to throw players for a loop as they don't expect it to do what it does.

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