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Chaos Warriors and a fun Ogor Project



Well, it's been a long road completing my unit of Chaos Warriors (my course has gotten busy, so hobby time is scarce), and this blog has been pretty dormant. I am back to trying to finish my group of 10 warriors, but I've at least got 5 ready to show off. 


Hobby productivity has been generally so low that while the lack of mortals in the upcoming hedonites release is a huge disappointment (I could rant about this for hours, but let's leave it at that), that I feel almost like I deserve it: paint up the WiPs before tackling new shinies. Here's a WiP banner bearer:



I did, however, do a 'for-fun' project in between the Slaanesh slow-grow, and that was repainting an old Ogor Maneater conversion. 


I actually got back into the hobby a few years ago with a sculpting project of making Maneaters for my old WFB Ogre Kingdom Army. I spent a while on this conversion, but the original paintjob was... less than stellar:


Anyway, re-doing the chivalric chonker gave me a nice metric for how much I've improved. Here are some more details:



I've got a Dark Elf one which I never painted, decided to base it. Maybe I shouldn't pick up more projects, though... 


bret ogor.jpg

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